5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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With Mother’s Day just passing, our next day to tackle is father’s day. You may be tired of handing him a card with a gift card to Home Depot in it, so we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to let him know you were thinking extra of him. This is one day out of the whole year where you get to celebrate one of the most important men in your life and make him feel appreciated. Get him something he will love!


Beachy Boardshorts

Bermuda Boardshorts bunga           swimming trunks Quick-drying


If your father is an avid beach goer, these beach boardshorts will make the perfect Father's Day gift. Stay at home orders won’t last forever, and your father will need a new pair for the new season! Colorful and vibrant, he’ll be the most fashionable out of all of his friends at the weekly fishing trip.


            Spencer Floral Shirt                       Kai Rayon Shirt


Not all dads are worried about fashion choices, so help him out by getting some nice tops to add to his collection! Wear it to his father’s day lunch, a nice dinner on vacation, or even casually day to day. Both of these options are under $60 and fit true to size. Not only are these tops a great deal, but your mom will also love these new trendy pieces for him as well!


   Texas Neck Gaiter Made in the USA  USA Neck Gaiter Made in the USA 


The whole world is getting tons of use out of face masks, so might as well let your dad represent his patriotism this year! The great thing about this mask is that it is reusable and washable! Aside from using it as a face mask, it can be also used as a headband, bandana, wristband, and neck warmer. After quarantine this will even become a staple on his fishing trips!


Dad Joke Tops
 Men's Mechanic Work Shirt Moonshine     My Daughter Has the Most Awesome



If your dad loves to tell those iconic ‘dad jokes’, you know the cringey ones, then these men’s tops would make for a perfect fit. Choose between this mechanic work shirt or an everyday t-shirt. Sport these at the weekly family cookout and everyone's sure to get a kick out of it. Looks like he found his new go-to grilling shirt!


                     Coral Hat Phone Case       Sea Snake Phone Case 


If your dad’s happy place is the ocean, let him carry a little piece around with him everyday. This is a great practical gift that they can get some use out of everyday. Choose between a chunkier tough case, or a lightweight snap case depending on how much protection you want for his cell phone. Available in matte or gloss finish. Android and iPhone users dads welcome!


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