6 Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress

6 Ways to Wear Your LBD

A little black dress is a must have wardrobe staple. With the right accessories it can be perfect for the office, the nightclubs and more casual daytime events. It all depends on how you style it.Every girl has one in her closet…they may even have more than one. That’s right, it’s the little black dress.

If you have a little black dress in your closet and are wondering what you can do to dress it up and down, here are some ideas.


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Punk Rock Baby

If you are going for more a punk look, try wearing your black dress with combat boots and a leather jacket. You can also add plaid tights, spiked bracelets and dramatic makeup to take your look to the next level. This style is perfect for when you are going out to see local bands.


To Formal Events

If you are going to a wedding or another formal event, try wearing your black dress with a pair of stiletto pumps. Add some sparkly jewelry that is tasteful and elegant. When it comes to makeup, smokey eyes and red lipstick will provide the perfect effect. Wear hair in an upsweep to make it all come together.

For Work

Need something to wear to work? The black dress can be perfect for meetings, or just another day at the office. Pair it with an easy pair of flats or wedges. Keep makeup and jewelry minimal. You can even add a blazer for a more professional effect.

Fun, Semi-Casual Events

Going to a picnic or having a day out with the gals? The LBD can work for these occasions as well. Add splashes of color to give your dress a fun look. Bold, colorful statement jewelry and scarves will do the trick. You can add a fun pair of vibrant flats or opt for sneakers instead. Don’t overdo it on the makeup but a splash of lip color will really work in adding to the fun.

Try Something Under

If your black dress is strapless or has spaghetti straps, putting something underneath can keep you warmer while completely transforming the look of the dress. Put a t-shirt or jersey under it for a dressed down layered look or add a black lacey top under it to take your dress to the next level in sophistication and elegance.

Add Tights

Tights are another way to stay warm when wearing your little black dress. All black tights provide a sleek, refined look while fishnets can turn the temperature up a notch. Bright, colorful tights can make your outfit more fun while interesting prints provide an alternative look.  

A Note About Little Black Dresses

Little black dresses can also vary in the way they are styled. They can be short and strapless, long and bohemian, a simple t-shirt dress or anything in between. Most of these styles should work regardless but you may have to get creative to make the most of your style.  


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These are all great looks for your little black dress. Which do you prefer?


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