A Complete Guide to Men’s Boots

Boots are great accessories that can be especially useful in men’s wardrobes. They are dressier than a sneaker but not quite as dressy as most dress shoes. This makes them perfect for adding flare to casual looks and bringing a great urban style to professional wear.

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Chelsea BootsIf you are a man who would like to add boots to your wardrobe, it’s a good idea to start by getting a handle on what’s out there. Here are the different kinds of boots you can choose from.

Similar to Beatle boots, Chelsea boots have a sleek design. They are often slip on although some may come with a discreet zipper for easy access. They typically have a tapered toe and they are fitting for night time occasions but can also be worn with suits.

Captoe Dress Boots

These boots are a kind of cross between dress shoes and boots. They are so named because they have some sort of stitching that separates the toe from the rest of the shoe.  They also usually lace up. They can go under dress pants to provide a seamless dress shoe look or you can also wear them with rolled up jeans.

Wingtip Boots

These are similar to the captoe but the toe has a design that is more angular, hence it resembles a wing…get it, wing-tip? Like captoes, these also work well with suits or jeans.

Suede Brogue Boots

These are another takeoff on the captoe. However, they are, obviously, suede and also feature a clunkier appearance and heavier stitching. They are shorter than their counterparts as well. Their more casual look makes them perfect for jeans.

Jodhpur Ankle Boots

Jodhpur boots are similar to Chelsea boots except they feature an ankle strap as opposed to the elastic sides that allow for the Chelsea’s easy slip on. They are also less likely to have a tapered toe. They are great for casual and formal looks.

Chukka Boots

   Chukka boots are similar to dress boots but their laces are short only going up 2 -3 eyelets. The laces start further back on the boots and the boots tend to be shorter than other styles, usually coming up to the mid ankle. They can be worn with jeans or dress shoes to complete semi-formal and rugged styles.

Note: Desert boots are a kind of chukka boot designed by the military. They have a gummy sole and were made for dry, rugged terrains.

The Harness Boot

Also known as motorcycle boots, these are meant for riding and they come up higher than other boots, typically to the mid calf. They are usually made of leather and have a harness like ankle strap. They may also feature a steel toe. They will look best with jeans.

Rocker Boots

Not that far removed from harness boots, rocker boots may have a more tapered look that works best with skinny jeans. They have a slightly androgynous style and are best suited for artist and musician types.

Work Boots

Cowboy BootsThere are few who are not familiar with the work boot. These are usually featured in a light brown color but different shades are available. Made for those who work in industrial fields, they have a steel toe, padding around the ankle and a rugged sole. They are made from a thick cowhide.

These boots definitely don’t need an introduction. Not every man can rock a cowboy boot but those that choose to will set themselves apart for their ability to pull them off.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of boots a man can wear, which will you be rocking in your wardrobe?


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