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 It’s that time of year where all of the summer colors are catching our eye. Suddenly, our closets are drowning in clothes, but yet we have “nothing” to wear. With trends constantly coming and going, our taste in fashion changes as well. We don’t always have the budget to revamp our WHOLE wardrobe, but there are some easier ways to give life back to that last summer sundress. Whether it’s how you pair certain pieces, statement accessories, or just in knowing how to get the most value for your money, I’ve got you covered with these tips! Here are 4 items you should be keeping your eye on this summer!

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Exaggerated Sunglasses
         Square Candy Colors Eye-wear     Square Cat Eye Sunglasses 


I’m sure we’ve all seen celebrities sporting big, oversized sunglasses in all their paparazzi photos. They’ve been on to something this whole time! Wearing fun sunglasses is an easy way to spice up or save any too casual outfit. The best part you may ask? You can get trendy sunglasses for really affordable prices! Oftentimes under $20! A colorful, edgy pair can turn your t-shirt and jeans ensemble into high fashion material. Don’t have time to throw on makeup before running errands? No problem! Always have an oversize neutral pair of sunglasses that go with everything. These black cat eye sunglasses are the perfect dose of sophistication when you’re not feeling so put together. Oh, and this fashion accessory protects your eyes!


Statement Handbags
             Patched Shoulder Bag                Elegant Rivet Shoulder Messenger Bag 


Bags are something most women view as an investment. They want a purchase that will last and match everything, since it is something you use daily. Although, sometimes an edgy, more unusual bag is not always practical to invest in, there are great affordable options! These bags are both under $100, one being under $50. The chain and patchwork detailing on this black shoulder bag gives an easy edgy feel to almost any outfit, while the blue satchel handbag adds a pop of color to a more neutral outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix studs with a soft sundress, or mix elegance with athleisure. There are no rules to fashion! Instead of running to the store and picking out that neutral brown handbag, step out of your comfort zone and go for a statement bag that will take your outfit up a notch! You’d be surprised at how more put together you feel. Your bag doesn’t need to be designer to turn heads!


Effortless Matching Sets
               Plaid Two Piece Set       Black Floral Top & Pants Set 


Something that has been stealing all of the summer new arrival shelves have been matching sets. As simple as these already put together outfits are, they instantly make you look like a fashionista. Worried about getting the perfect mini skirt to match your peasant blouse? Give a matching set a go and you’re out the door 30 minutes earlier. Not only is it a super cute option, but a great affordable deal as well! Two pieces for one price that can be mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe later on! Picture the black floral top & pants set, attending a luau in Hawaii, or the plaid two piece set for birthday brunch with the girls. Move over matching pajama sets!


Layered Jewelry
Women's watch with matching bracelets        Blue Natural Stone Leather Bracelets 



Jewelry can be the key ingredient to tie a look together, to make the outfit flow. A trend that is popular at the moment, is layered jewelry. Not only just with bracelets like pictured here, but layered necklaces and stacked rings. You can mix metals, pair different colors, or go for a monochromatic look like the womens watch with matching bracelets pictured above. This is also another tip to make you look more put together than you already are! This is awesome considering that there are affordable jewelry sets that have already done the hard part of pairing for you!


     Vintage Boho Braided Waist Belt    Ladies’ Bohemian Style Belts 


One thing that littered the 2020 runways was crochet. In forms of dresses, tops, handbags, shorts, headbands, and accessories, if you’re wearing crochet, you’re on top of the fashion game. These braided belts give off a beachy, bohemian vibe just in time for summer. An easy way to add these in are beachy dresses that need some cinching at the waist, belting large peasant tops, and even on top of your favorite summer beachy shorts. Not only is this trend super stylish, but functional! Pack this in your overnight bag on your annual summer beach trip and you’re sure to get lots of compliments!


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