An Entire Outfit for Under a Hundred? No Way You Say? Yes Way We Say

Okay, so let’s say you are given $100 and asked to pick out an entire outfit. Think you would be able to do it?

I bet most of you are thinking that there’s no way you can buy an outfit that’s stylish, chic…and in good condition for under $100, but it’s completely doable. Don’t believe us?

Schmidt Clothing has affordable looks that feature the latest trends, and they won’t make a huge dent in your wallet. Here are some suggestions.

Boho Yoga Hippie Pants

These hippie pants are a great place to start.

The hippie look is the height of fashion right now and these pants are great because they are so versatile. They can work for professional looks, casual occasions and they can even be used for workouts or lounging out at home. The vibrant print makes them perfectly boho chic. And the best part? They’re just $16.99!

Women’s High Neck Long Sleeve Crochet Top

Now we need a top to go with our hippie pants. Since the pants have a prominent print, we want to counter them with a solid top and we also want to keep the hippie look going.

This crochet top is perfect. It’s an all-white solid so it won’t be too loud for the pants. The crochet detail adds a bohemian look that makes it complementary. It’s pretty short so it will show off the shape of the pants without cutting into the line of the outfit.

The price for this baby is $21.74 bringing our total to $38.74.

Fashion Beach Gladiator Sandals

I bet when you were thinking of outfits for under $100 you thought you would be lucky to get pants and a shirt but here we are adding shoes and we still have room in our budget.

Our outfit has a nice, beachy look so we won’t want to add a heavy shoe and any type of boot will interfere with the genie line of the pants. A sandal will be perfect in maintaining the effortless style.

These sandals’ turquoise color is reminiscent of the turquoise jewelry that so perfect defines the hippie movement and it is the perfect complement for the pants. The thong style and beachy looks makes them a great added touch.

At $28.12 they are completely affordable bringing our total up to $66.86.

Bucket Women Handbag

Should we push our luck by adding a bag to our look?

Well, to be honest, we didn’t quite make it. At $34.99 this pushed our total to $101.85 but we came so close! Still a great haul overall.

This bag is great because its brown color means it will go with everything. Its bag within a bag look gives it a hippie style that complements the outfit perfectly. It also come in black and white. While the black might be a little heavy for our outfit, the white makes it a terrific choice for the summer.

So tell us, what outfit can you create for under $100?  

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