Are Capris In Style in 2020?

Capris are a look that first came out in 1948. They were introduced by designer Sonja de Lennart. The name was derived from the Italian Isle of Capri where the ankle length pants rose to popularity in the 50’s and 60’s. They were popularized by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn or Brigette Bardot who loved to wear the style.

Capri style pants saw a drop in popularity in the 70’s with a brief revival in the 80’s. They fell back into obscurity in the 90’s but made a reappearance in the mid 2000’s when they were sported by celebrities like Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, and Princess Kate Middleton.

Since then, they have been a popular style that can be worn in a variety of ways.

If you are wondering how to incorporate capris into your wardrobe, here are some terrific suggestions.

Athletic Looks

Athleisure wear is big right now. During workouts, we all want something that is tapered and won’t get in the way of our feet as we are moving. Capri leggings are the perfect solution.

Capri leggings are generally made of spandex or a poly-spandex mix. They come anywhere from just under the knee to the mid-calf. They come in prints and colors that are as varied as any other legging. When wearing them for workouts, they are best worn with sneakers and a tank or sports bra.

The fact that the lower leg is exposed makes them perfect for keeping you cool.

Vintage Looks

Because capris were first introduced in the 50’s they are synonymous with the vintage look of the era. If you are going for that aesthetic, wear the leggings with a fifties style top such as a tapered button front or a bustier. You can make the look complete by styling your hair in a set page boy and wearing some bright red lipstick.

High Fashion

Wide legged capris make for a great way to play with shapes. They are perfect for a layered look and can be worn with tops and sweaters that come to varying lengths. In these instances, they will look terrific with boots that come just below the bottom of the capris or disappear under them.

Other Capris Wearing Tips

Wear Them with Heels

Capris cut into the leg taking away from an elongated look. A pair of heels will elongate the leg countering the shortening effect of the pants. Even though a traditional pump will do best at lending the desired effect, a boot with a heel will also do the trick. A flat pump will also help as it will showcase more skin to add some lengthening to the leg.

Wear Them with a Crop Top

Another way to counter the ‘shortening’ effect of the pants is to wear a crop top or, at the very least, a top that tucks into the pants. You can layer shorter tops with longer jackets or sweaters, but a shorter top will make the right basic template.

Make Sure Capris are Tapered

Capris are short pants and if they are not tapered, they will add bulk to your hip and thigh area, a big no-no for many women. While some capris have a wider cut than others, they should have some kind of tailoring that gives them shape. Otherwise, you may just look like you are wearing a cut off pair of sweatpants.

Capris are definitely making a comeback. These tips will help you achieve a look you are sure to be happy with. How will you be adding capris to your wardrobe? 

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