Are You Double Bagging It? Why More Women are Doing the Double Bag Trend

We’ve seen mix match trends come and go but an unusual one that’s here to stay involves wearing two purses at once. Stylistically, this creates a sense of whimsy. Realistically, well, it could lead to a bit of confusion if you can’t remember what you put in each bag.

But never fear!

We will give you some tips to make your purse looks are fun and practical, so you are calm, cool, collected and super fashionable.

Match Like with Like

One way to make your two pursed look high fashion is to combine like with like. For instance, here are two straw purses with different designs. We can see wearing one under the arm and the other as a handle bag.

Another way to do like with like is to wear the same bag in two different colors. This will be especially effective if you can adjust the strap, so each bag falls at different lengths. It will also work if you wear one as a shoulder bag and one as a cross body.

Go for Contrast

It will also work well if you pair two bags together that are completely different but have complementary styles. Take for instance, this sparkly silver fish purse and this vibrant print clutch.

Both have different shapes, and patterns and they are even different types of purses. Yet they are small and provide a sense of whimsy that makes them a perfect match.

For something totally different, try playing around with sizes. For example, try wearing a rectangular tote with a round mini-purse. The varying styles will make for a dramatic fashion statement.

What Should I Put Where?

Now that you have some stylistic ideas, let’s think about what you can do to make sure you’re organized when wearing your two bag look.

I recommend using one bag for necessities and the other for items you may or may not need. So one bag might hold things like your phone and wallet while the other might hold things like a hair brush or cosmetics.

If you have a smaller and a larger purse, put the necessities in the smaller one where they are easier to find. Save the other items for the bigger bag.

Another option is to simply leave one purse empty. Or if that feels weird, put in one random object to keep it weighted and you’re good to go. Sure, this may make you a fashion victim, but no one needs to know that!

The two bag look is dominating the runway. The tips in this article provide inspiration that will help you pull off the fashion effortlessly. What bag combos do you prefer? 

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