Asymmetric Fashion is Making a Comeback

There is no doubt about it, asymmetric fashion is making a comeback. With fashions of the 80’s becoming prevalent once again, this is one trend that’s making a splash.

Asymmetric fashion is simply fashion that is not symmetric, and it can be applied to anything. Jackets with lapels that don’t mirror each other, dresses and shirts with uneven hemlines and tops that have an extra strap, or one long sleeve and one strap are just some examples.

If you love asymmetric fashion, you are on the cutting edge of today’s fashion trend. This article will give you an example of asymmetric looks and how to rock them.


Jackets are probably the most common example of asymmetrical fashion. So many jackets (especially MC jackets) zip on the side to produce an asymmetrical look in the collar area.

Jackets with asymmetrical features are typically bomber style jackets that look great with jeans or a denim skirt, but you can also rock them with dresses and more feminine looks. They should be worn at least partially open; if you zip them all the way up, they won’t feature the collar as prominently. But if it’s very cold, don’t feel like you have to be a fashion victim!

You can also wear them with a sweater or sweatshirt underneath as a way to stay warm while still exhibiting the asymmetrical fashion.


Lots of designers have fun with straps in creating asymmetrical designs. They may throw on a random strap, make a strap over just one shoulder, make sleeves of different lengths and more. Alternately, an asymmetrical hemline can be used to convey this style.

The asymmetrical look can also come through in other features. For instance, there could be a peekaboo cut out that sits off to one side or a random zipper located anywhere on the top.

When wearing an asymmetrical top, be sure to wear other pieces that draw attention to the cut. Don’t overpower it with other oddly cut items or loud colors. And whatever you do, don’t cover the top…then how is anyone going to see your cute fashion look?


As stated earlier in the article, asymmetry can also be applied to hemlines. An asymmetrical hemline may be shorter in the front and longer in the back. It may come longer on one side or it may have varying lengths throughout.

This fall and winter season, asymmetrical hemlines are especially popular in sweaters and cardigans. These often are shorter in the front and longer in the back, but they can also fall longer on the sides.

If you are wearing an asymmetric sweater, wear it with clothing underneath that will not interfere with the line of the sweater. Wear a shorter shirt that neatly tucks in or falls flat against the hip area. Bottoms can consist of a tight pair of jeans or a fitted skirt.


When it comes to dress hemlines, asymmetric looks can make dresses seem soft with uneven layers providing a sense of movement, or they can be dramatic to provide a block effect. For instance, distinctly different hemlines, such as a short skirt under and longer skirt, will make for a look that is blocky and edgy. It is also undeniably sexy.

When wearing an asymmetrical hemline on a dress or skirt, pair it with simple pieces that draw attention to the hem and don’t detract from them. Elegant heels, a plain top and no pantyhose or clear pantyhose will work best.

Color Block Prints

Prints can also be asymmetric. While it’s common to find prints that are not perfectly symmetrical, using color blocks and geometric patterns will really capitalize on the look making a distinct fashion statement.

Color block looks work well as an all over effect. So if you have a dress or an entire outfit that’s color blocked, you’re sure to look fabulous.

If you are only wearing one color block piece, pair it with a solid. Avoid other pieces that will make your color blocked outfit look loud.

Now that you know how to wear asymmetrical looks, how will you be incorporating them in your wardrobe?

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