Back to School Fashions That Knock It Out of the Park


Well folks, I’m sorry to say it, but it’s time to go back to school.

I don’t think anyone really enjoys having to return to school after a relaxing summer, but if there’s one benefit, it’s that you get to buy lots of cool back to school clothes.

When thinking of clothes that are suitable to wear when you go to school, the look you want to go for is casual-professional. Of course, some kids would just as soon wear their pajamas to school, but you are supposed to operate on the premise that you are preparing yourself for the professional world.

Therefore, you will want to look just a little but put together.

If these somewhat put together looks are making you want to hide under the bed in fear, you can come out now. Here are some styles that will make you the envy of students and teachers alike.

Bless the Dress


Most students favor jeans over a dress, but if you’ve had one of those nights which leads to one of those mornings, the last thing you want to be doing is looking for clothing when you are desperately trying to make it to class on time.

Dresses are perfect because you can just throw one on over your head and you’re good to go.

For something uncomplicated and put together looking go for a t-shirt dress. T-shirt dresses are easy to pair with shoes and sneakers and they will always be classroom appropriate.

Luxuriate in Leggings


If you are going back to school, your days just got a lot busier. Trying to fit in school, work, a social life and gym workouts can result in a lot of stress.

Leggings can get you from running errands at the store, to the gym to the classroom without having to stop in at home or your dorm room and change. Plus, they are so comfy, you can even sleep in them… and if you do, we’ll never tell!

Sneak in those Sneakers


You might like a wide variety of shoes, and you may want to impress the boy that sits behind you in chemistry, but really, heels have no place in a school. They can only hinder you when you’re running from class to class and if you have any sort of physical activity during your day, well, you’ll just have to stuff them in your gym bag.

While a couple of slip-on flats and boots will provide variety, there’s no way you can get around a good pair of sneakers. A pair with plenty of support is recommended. 

Bundle Up With a Good Coat


The beginning of school always brings a drop in temperatures they will continue to go down until the spring. Therefore, you will want to invest in a few good jackets and coats.

For school, it’s a good idea to go with low maintenance looks that are easy to take on and off and carry around. A leather bomber is perfect because it provides protection against the cold but it also works well on fall days when it’s not completely freezing. Later in the season you can layer with a snuggly hoodie.

School Tote


You always have to carry something when you’re going to school. It might be supplies like pens and pencils, it might be heavy books, it might be a wallet phone and lipstick or a combination of all these things.

While some might favor a backpack, a tote bag will make a more elegant, sophisticated look and the perfect complement for any outfit.

Going back to school isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do but school fashions can brighten up your mood. Which items will you be wearing to keep you looking your best? 

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