Behind Every Man There’s a Great Purse

If there’s one fashion accessory every man has a love hate relationship with, it’s the murse. Short for a man’s purse, this item may have reached new levels in fashion when Joey sported one on Friends in 1999. However, the history of men’s purses goes way back in time.


The murse first appeared during the Renaissance era. It was then that men would wear small satchels that hung from their belts. Since then, they were used in ‘manly’ applications, carried as briefcases and lunch sacks. Harrison Ford was rarely without a satchel when he appeared in Indiana Jones.


But in the late 90’s, the murse really hit its fashion stride. Even though some laughed and called it feminine, the truth was (and still is), these bags come in handy. It is for this reason that they continue to make a fashion statement to this day.


If you enjoy the convenience of wearing a man purse, it is essential to know about the latest fashion looks. Here are a few you can choose from.


Shoulder Bags


Men who make their murses a part of their fashion look are moving towards smaller pieces. This shoulder bag slings over the shoulder for anti-theft protection while its narrow design makes it masculine and inconspicuous. As an added convenience, it also has a USB charger. It’s available in black and brown.




A briefcase can be used to carry professional and personal items. Although it may not be fitting for casual events, it’s great for taking documents to work as well as items you may need throughout the day.

Briefcases tend to have a classic look that may not be updated often. However, today, many have features added that allow them to accommodate laptops and devices.


Fanny Packs


As mentioned earlier, today’s murses are more compact than ever. Therefore, many men are bringing back the fanny pack when it comes to their carrying item of choice. These have a great masculine look and their no hands needed design makes them super convenient.

Although fanny packs are traditionally worn around the waist, designers are getting creative with looks that can be hung around the neck or dangled from belts.





If you need something to carry your belongings around in and can’t get onboard with the murse, the good old fashioned backpack is a great alternative. These typically have an athletic look but some have all over leather sleeker designs. They are perfect for men who need to take a lot of things with them when they go out and they are also great for travel.


Duffel Bag


The duffel bag is another item that is great for travel and for carrying large loads. Men often use it to take clothing and workout items to the gym. Like the backpack, duffel bags usually have an athletic look but designers are coming out with updated fashions that are more elegant and sophisticated than ever.


If you are a man who needs something to carry his stuff around in, you need a good murse. These options will get you looking stylish while offering the convenience you need. Which one is right for you? 


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