Best Clothing for Air Travel

When you are traveling on a plane, comfort is a huge priority. When trying to get some sleep in those cramped seats, you can’t be worrying about your buttons and zippers digging into you.

At the same time, you want to look presentable and you will want to have items that make it easy to store your goods and adapt to temperature changes.


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Finding an outfit to travel with isn’t easy, but if you include these must have items, you will be in good shape.  

Comfy Pants

Comfortable pants are a must on any plane ride. Fortunately, the athleisure trend has provided us with several options when it comes to pants that are stretchy and stylish. Leggings, yoga pants and sweatpants are all good bets.

If you want to have a bit more of a dressed-up look, don’t rule out jeans. Many stretch jeans are extremely comfortable making them ideal for airplane outfits.





It’s also essential that you wear comfortable shoes during your air travel adventures. Sneakers are always a good bet because they are usually soft and comfy. They are also great for getting you across the airport quickly and they will leave you prepared for any walking adventures you may encounter once you disembark.

However, slip-on shoes are another attractive option. Passengers will enjoy being able to slip in and out of their shoes when they transition from cuddling into their airplane seat to getting ready to head out on the runway.



A Cross Body Bag

Its always a good idea to have a small bag on you so that essential items are easily accessible. We recommend a small cross body as these are easy to wear and the cross body design means your possessions are more likely to stay safe as you travel.





Even though you want to travel light, a lightweight jacket will be something you won’t want to be without. It will come in handy as you adjust to different temperatures and it will also double as a blanket when you are trying to sleep on a plane. For optimal comfort, go for a jacket that is soft and does not have a lot of buttons and zippers that can cause discomfort when you are trying to snuggle into it.

A scarf can serve a similar purpose. Consider bringing one along with your jacket or taking one in lieu of a jacket.




A Hardside Spinner

If the airport allows you to take larger carry-ons with you on the plane, a hardside spinner is the way to go. They have a sleek exterior and a surprisingly roomy interior. They are great for protecting your possessions and they glide behind you effortlessly as you are making your way to your gate.


Sunglasses are the must have travel accessory. Not only will they protect you from glare, they will be handy in hiding the effects of a red-eye flight. Pick a pair that matches your style and you are good to go.

Airplane travel can be stressful but wearing a stylish and comfortable outfit will make all the difference. What are some of your airplane travel essentials?




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