Best Ways to Wear Denim in the New Year

I think we can say with complete confidence that denim is here to stay. Since the birth of jeans in 1873, there has never been a time when denim hasn’t been worn. In fact, since jeans’ inception, denim has only gotten more popular as the years go by making its way into jackets, skirts, jeans and even shirts.

While denim is a classic style we will never say goodbye to, there are updated looks that come and go each year that can make your outfits even more (or less) fashionable. Here are ones we are welcoming in 2021.

Denim Materials

Over the years, denim has become so much more than a material used for jeans. It’s pretty much its own color. The washy blue can be found on shirts, dresses and more.

In 2021, denim will continue to be a hot color making for the ultimate in hippie chic.

The soft denim color of this dress is exactly what we’re talking about when we say the words ‘fashion trends’.

Denim Shorts

It could be argued that denim shorts never really went out of style, but festival fashions have made them bigger and better than ever. They are the staple wear for festival going chicks everywhere and they are the perfect thing to pair with a kimono, bralette and oversized hat.

These denim shorts are the ultimate in festival wear. Their high waisted cut and glam appeal makes them a terrific example of 2021’s free spirited style.

Denim Blazers

2021 will be all about broad shouldered, oversized boyfriend jacket and denim is the perfect material for making that look complete. It goes with just about anything and it’s terrific for retro styles like this. 

This men’s denim blazer is terrific for a man and makes an authentic boyfriend jacket look for a woman.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is the perfect accessory for an allover denim look. This year we may be veering away from cropped looks so get ready for longer cuts.

This denim jacket is perfectly fitted and its just past the hips cut makes it perfect for the new year.

Denim Overalls

Overalls are just as classic as denim itself. They are expected to continue to be a popular fashion in 2021 making a perfect comeback for the grunge looks of the 90’s.

These overalls have a classic look that is expected to remain popular in 2021. They feature a dark wash that will also be a signature style for the new year.


When it comes to every day looks, it is predicted that flare jeans will be taking over where skinny jeans left off. They have a boho chic style that is a sign of the times.

These jeans have a flared leg, a dark wash and a high waist making them a perfect choice for the new year.

Distressed to Impress

The grunge look is back and bigger than ever. As a result, distressed jeans will continue to be a popular look in 2021. The more worn out, the better.

These ripped jeans have a relaxed fit that make them the epitome of grunge fashion.

Denim Shoes

Earlier in the article, we discussed how denim wasn’t just for jeans. The material can be found on dresses, shirts, jackets… and even shoes! Denim shoes provide an earthy look that is perfect for spring or summer.

These denim striped shoes have a great, light look that is perfect for strolling on the beach or a day out on the water.

Denim will never go out of style. But it’s important to keep updating to make sure you’re on top of the latest fashions. These looks are sure to turn heads in 2021 ensuring you will keep your seat as the top fashionista on your block. How will you be updating with denim in the new year? 

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