Boots That You Will Want to Wear this Winter

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to winter footwear, I just can’t be without a few good pairs of boots. Boots work to dress up an outfit, they are great for casual and semi-formal occasions and they keep your feet nice and warm.

With temperatures starting to drop, I’m sure we are all looking to add some boots to our wardrobes. Read on to find out about some must-have styles.

Work Boots


Work boots are one of the most rugged boots you can buy. They have a nice sturdy soul, durable construction and many of them even have a steel toe. A lot of them are waterproof too which makes them great for the rain and snow.

Though work boots are made for, well, working; they are also quite fashionable. They make a great combat boot alternate that goes well with jeans and a flannel. You can also wear them with a skirt to create a style that is slightly punk.

Ugg Style


Uggs may have had their day but they still influence boot looks big time. Today, the look has been slightly modified but mid-calf boots with flat heels and rounded toes are still in. This may be due to the versatility and slipper like comfort the boot provides.

These boots look great with a pair of skinny jeans or a skirt.

Ankle Boots with a Reasonable Heel


These types of low heeled ankle boots are my personal favorite. They give you just a bit of height but they are still comfortable to walk in. They are also great for dressing up casual looks like jeans and t-shirts.

Boots like these look great with a pair of skinny jeans. They can also go with flares and wide legged looks although it’s likely the top of the boot will not be visible. You can also pair them with a skirt but some are very low to the ankle and therefore better suited to jeans.

High Heeled Boots


It’s difficult to wear high heels in the winter, especially if there is snow on the ground. However, if you just love the way heels elongate the legs, you will definitely want to go with a pair of boots as opposed to high heeled pumps.

High heeled boots come in a variety of leg lengths. Some are ankle-high, some are knee-high and some are thigh-high. The leg length of the boot will dictate the styles they go with best.

In general, you can’t go wrong with boots over a pair of jeans, as long as they fit comfortably over the jeans. When it comes to skirts and dresses, you have to choose ones that will not cut in an odd place and interfere with the look of the boot. If you are wearing ankle boots, this shouldn’t be an issue but be careful to watch hemlines when wearing knee high or thigh high boots.

Motorcycle Boots


Motorcycle boots are the perfect thing for all you tough guys and gals out there. They are great for adding an alternative/biker look to any outfit. You can wear them with a flannel and blue jeans or dress down your favorite frilly skirt and dress looks to add a punk style. Another option…all leather!

Platform Boots


Platform boots are great for women (and men) who want some elevated height but aren’t great fans of teetering on high heels. They can feature a platform under the base of the foot as well as the heel or they can be a one-piece platform that raises the entire foot.

Platform heels are a throwback to the 70’s and will go well with vintage styles. The platforms with a heel in the back and under the foot are more elegant while a one-piece platform will provide a clunky, punk rock look.

Winter is coming. You may want to deny it, but doing so will mean you are not prepared with the terrific winter looks you need.

When it comes to boots, there are so many styles to choose from. Which do you prefer to add to your cold weather wardrobe?


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