Bracelet Looks That Will Impress in 2020

By Becky Heldmen


Bracelets can really add to the look of an outfit. A small dainty bracelet can integrate an element of elegance while a big chunky one can give outfits an alternative, rock n’ roll appeal.


If you love wearing bracelets, there are so many styles to choose from. Here are a few looks that are reigning supreme in 2020.


Dainty and Elegant


If you are attending a formal occasion or a high-end venue, you will want to wear an elegant bracelet. This will add the right amount of sparkle to your eveningwear look.


These small, elegant bracelets tend to have a classic look that never goes out of style. A chain with gemstone accents or a thin strand of pearls is always a terrific choice. For a more eye-catching style, you can wear a few together on one wrist.


Layered Looks



The layered jewelry look became popular a few years back and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. When it comes to bracelets, you can wear different bracelets together that come in a set or you can mix and match.


Some layered bracelet looks are one piece that only appear to be several different bracelets. These provide a thick cuff-like effect.


When it comes to layered looks, anything goes. You can mix stones, materials and more. Current trends favor neutral colors and metallics.

Beaded Bracelets



Today’s fashion is so influenced by nature. Beaded bracelets have a great natural look that never goes out of style.


While just about anyone can make a beaded bracelet, designer styles take it to the next level with the use of unusual stones of various sizes that can be interspersed with charms and metallic elements. Meaningful stones will also set the bracelet apart.




Cuffs are simple pieces that define the wrist. A plainer cuff will provide a rugged earthy feel while a more ornate one that features a gem will stand out at dressier occasions.


For an elegant look, go for a cuff that is thin and easy. For a chunkier look, go for one that is several inches thick.


Ankle Bracelets


In the past, ankle bracelets were usually worn as a sign that you were in a relationship. They were typically worn by women who were given bracelets by their boyfriend so they could look down and think about their significant other. It may have also been a way to tell other men, “Hands off, she’s mine”.


These days we are breaking away from stereotypical gender norms while body jewelry becomes more popular. Both of these factors have led to an increase in the popularity of ankle bracelets that can be worn by anyone at any time…whether you are in a relationship or not.


Ankle bracelets may be a simple chain, or they may be several layered chains. They may have charms, beads and other decorative elements or they may be plain and unadorned. Either way, they are a great way to add some shape to the leg area.


Bracelets are a great addition to any outfit. They can add elegance or bring a fun and funky vibe. What are your favorite types of bracelets to wear? 


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