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Every summer is the same. Constant outfit ideas for vacation, weddings, and sunday barbeques, but never inspiration or tips when it comes to the workplace! With the temperature constantly rising, the pantsuits are practically impossible to make yourself throw on on an early summer morning. So to all the women in the workplace, this one's for you!


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Breezy Jumpsuits
                         Womens Jumpsuit      Navy Cardigan With V-Neck and Buttons 

Jumpsuits are the best of both worlds! They’re flowy and comfortable and you don’t even need to put a complete outfit together! Not to mention jumpsuits these days are really trendy! This sand womens jumpsuit has an appropriate neckline for the workplace, but if you want some extra coverage you can add this navy v-neck cardigan. Cardigans are always a great investment and can be worn more ways than one, including just casually day to day. While heading out on your lunch break, you can throw off the cardigan and enjoy the summer heat. The breezy wide leg makes for a great after work alternative too!  


Classic Dresses
                     Navy Stripes Dress  Fitted Cinched Waist Dress



Every 9 to 5 working woman can agree that as fancy as dresses sound, they usually take the most minimal effort. They’re one piece that look just as put together as a blazer and slacks, but much less restricting. No matching a top to a bottom or layering pieces. No matter how many dresses you own, I’m sure one more can’t hurt! The navy stripes dress is a great summer option that is work appropriate, but if you want something a little more conservative the fitted cinch waist dress is another option that is light and airy for those humid days. An added bonus is that the belt on the navy stripes dress is detachable and can be styled with or without. It also has pockets! The fitted cinched waist dress is also available in red! Both of these styles are timeless and are sure to be worn again and again.


Light Linen
    Navy V Neck Linen Blend Blouse White Plus Size Top 


When shopping for tops we can wear to work, we need to keep in mind the fabric! It may be a short sleeve “summer top” but some materials don’t hold up well in the heat. Try sticking to linen or cotton. These two linen tops are lightweight and are loosely woven which allows heat to exit the body. It also absorbs moisture and dries quickly, keeping you cool and dry! The navy v-neck linen blend blouse is a great dressier option you could sport on “Casual Friday” with your favorite jeans. The white plus size top is a casual top that can still be dressed up with nice tailored pants. So, next time the AC goes out in the office you won’t be the one fanning yourself with important files! 


Work Appropriate Wrap Skirt
               Green Floral Wrap Skirt               Blue Stripes Skirt 

Wrap skirts are officially back in style! Everytime a trendy item is work appropriate, who wouldn’t stock up on a bunch of cute styles! The green floral wrap skirt is crafted of 100% light and airy polyester, which makes it perfect for a muggy day. The floral motif and elegant silhouette makes sure it’s a timeless piece you’re investing in. The blue strips skirt is a cotton blend that also ensures a light and airy addition to your work outfit. The vertical stripes add a flattering, slimming effect to your figure, which we all can appreciate. Both of these pieces wrap around and tie at the waist, which makes it super adjustable. Because the skirt is so sophisticated, opt for a plain cotton top that keeps the look light.


Casual Kimonos
                         Hutton Kimono     Taupe Plus Size Kimono 


Want to just throw on a tank top but don’t have a way to not violate your work dress code? This is when it’s time to invest in a kimono. Kimonos give you shoulder coverage, but they’re such a lightweight material that it’s almost a “barely there” feeling. The hutton kimono and the taupe plus size kimono are two neutral options that can be worn everyday for both standard and plus sizing. The hutton kimono features a drawstring waist if you want to tie or cinch. The taupe plus size kimono has buttons down the front for a more conservative feel. Dressed up or dressed down they’re a great investment for your wardrobe all around. You can even take this with you on vacation for a bohemian flair.


All of these items are available now for you just in time for summer! Like some of the tips? Try them out at work this June!

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