Colors That Will Be Dominating the Runway this Summer

When we think of the latest looks, we often associate these fashions with the cut and details of the item. But color is another thing to consider.

Although many of us will choose a color based on the mood we are in, what goes best with our wardrobe and what looks good with our complexions, it can also be used to express the mood of the year, and this is when it hits on a higher level.


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So far, admittedly, 2020 has not been the best year, but fashion designers are shouting back with colors that are bold, hues that reflect heritage and tones that are friendly and relatable. Read on to find out how you can use color to be a fashion movement leader.

Bright Red

Bright red will always make a bold statement and this year, designers are using it to rage against the machine. While bright red can be incorporated into almost any piece of clothing, 2020 is seeing head to toe red in dresses, suits and jumpers that provide a dramatic look.




Faded Denim

We are not talking about jeans here. Rather, it’s that great light blue color that is lighting up the runway. Its faded look makes it a great neutral as it goes with just about any color. It’s perfect for dresses, shirts and accessories.





Biscay Green

There always seems to be a shade of green that is dominating fashion looks. This year it’s Biscay green which is has a good amount of blue, giving it a bit of an aqua feel. While it can be worn all its own, it gives just the right pop when it’s mixed with other colors. Try a Biscay green shirt under a pink suit to find out what it’s all about.





Coral Pink

Salmon pink was the new neutral just a few years ago. Instead of going away completely, it seems to have evolved. This year, there is a reddish tone added making for a dynamic splash of color. Even though coral pink makes for a great color blend, we love it on its own on a full length dress or suit.








I’m just wild about saffron… Maybe it’s the 60’s revival that’s bringing back the color, and the song, but this orangey yellow color stands out as being vibrant and exotic. Its another color that goes well with others and also makes a bold statement on its own.






If you know what a chive is, you know exactly the color we are talking about. This rich, dark green works well for both genders and it has neutral tone that helps it mix with other colors perfectly. Its especially alluring in leather.







The color white will never completely go out of fashion. This year it’s bigger than ever and all tones go from an oyster white to a brilliant, bright white. White goes with everything and it can be worn with any color you can think of. But to really make the most of the all white look, wear it from head to toe. Just make sure to keep it clean!





So tell us, what color will you be wearing the most of this summer?


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