Colors That Will Reign Supreme in Fall 2020

When we think of fashion, we usually think of cuts and styles. But color makes up a big part of fashion too. Wearing a stand out color can make your look unique and take ordinary fashions to the next level.

Currently, designers have named the hottest colors for fall of 2020 and these are projected to work well for the winter 20-21 season. Find out which hues are right for you.


Red is a big runway color for the trendiest designers. It reminds us all to embrace the bold.

When incorporating red into your wardrobe, think of going head to toe red or using it to break up blacks and whites. It also works well when added to neutrals.

Be aware that red clashes easily. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t go well with vibrant tones like yellow or purple.


Pink is interesting because very light shades can work as a neutral while bolder shades are bright and vibrant. This fall, anything goes.

Although pastel pink is summery, salmon and rose pinks work well in fall looks while bright pinks are terrific for brightening up a winter day. Go for an all pink look or add pink accents to your outfit to bring some seasonal cheer.

Deep Blue

With so many blues out there, the color is quite versatile. However, this fall, we are looking for a deep blue which may refer to a royal blue, a navy and even a rich teal.

The nice thing about blue is it goes with just about anything, including other shades of blue. You should have no problem coming up with an outfit that works for you.


Gray is a tough one. Sure, it goes with just about anything, but it also easily falls into the drab category.

To keep it from looking too plain, match your gray with other shades of gray or with vibrant colors like red and green. Wear sophisticated styles and cuts so you don’t look like you’re in your jammies or headed to the gym.


Olive is a great color because it takes neutrals to the next level. It goes with just about anything, but its green tone will take plain looks up a notch.  

Olive goes well with other neutrals and it also looks terrific with a splash of color. Add a touch of red to make your outfit exciting.


It’s official, black is the new black.

Black never really goes out of style, but this year designers are applying it to stand out cuts to keep it from getting boring. Puffed sleeves, fringes, cut outs and other design elements are added to ensure your black makes for a unique look.


Another interesting take on a neutral, caramel has an orange glow that adds brightness to an outfit, but it is versatile enough to go with a wide variety of colors. Try all over caramel or work it into accessories like boots, jackets and more.

Note, while it’s important to wear the colors that are trending this year, you should also think about your complexion. There are certain colors that are more suitable than others based on your skin color, hair color and eye color. This should be a priority over finding colors that are being singled out as trendy.

Now that you know which colors are expected to make a splash this fall, which will you be adding to your wardrobe?

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