Common Fashion Problems and How to Solve Them



It’s happened to all of us. We decide on a great outfit to wear, and when we go to look in the mirror, we find out it’s just not going to work for whatever reason.


In time, we find that these problems are the same ones we keep running into over and over again.


However, if you can define the problems, you can create the solution.


Read on to find out about some common fashion problems and how you can solve them.


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Underwear Shows

This has got to be the most common problem women experience. Panty lines and exposed bra straps are the worst. Panty lines are especially common with light colored tight pants.


When it comes to panties, there are several solutions. There are seamless pairs, G-strings, and boy shorts can also be good for providing a no lines look. It’s important to avoid panties that have lace as these are usually bulky and produce lines. Darker colors are also more likely to show through.


Another option…go commando.


When it comes to bras, there are plenty of options as well. Strapless, multi-ways and adhesives can all be considered. However, it can be difficult to find a reliable fit.


High Heels

Many women like to wear high heels… and who can blame them? The elongated, shapely look it gives your legs just can’t be beat.


However, heels will not look attractive if they are so high you can’t walk in them. What’s more, they can cause foot problems that will plague you in the future.


There are plenty of low heel and no heel options that make great alternatives. Think about making the switch. Your feet will thank you later.


Socks and Sandals


This is not only a crime against fashion, it’s a crime against humanity.


Sandals are open toe for a reason. They are meant to air out the foot during the warmer weather.


If you are too cold in your sandals, wear closed toe shoes.


Over Accessorizing

Accessories are great. The problem is, some people don’t know when to stop.


A good rule of thumb is to start by putting on all the jewelry you think would go with your clothing. Then eliminate one by one until you find a good balance. Hopefully you will be able to find the right stopping point.


You also can’t go wrong when you wear layered sets or jewelry with layered looks. This way you will get that chunky look of a lot of accessories without overdoing it.


Not Cutting the Clothing Hanger Loops Off Your Clothing


I don’t know what designer first came up with clothing hanger loops but they were probably somewhat sadomasochistic.


Obviously, they are meant to provide a convenient way to hang your clothes without them becoming bent out of shape. And they actually do work! But unfortunately, most of the time they just end up hanging out of clothing and looking unsightly.


To keep this from happening to you, just cut off the clothing hanger loops as soon as you get the pieces home. Do it while cutting off the price tags.


It’s also a good idea to cut the inner tags out while you’re at it. These also often hang outside of clothing to produce an unattractive appearance.


Clothes That Don’t Fit