Different Types of Women’s Sandals

The summer is coming and wearing sandals is a great way to keep cool. A lot of the body’s heat is stored in the feet and ankles and wearing an open shoe can make you feel a lot less affected by the warmer temperatures.

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If you are shopping for sandal looks for the summer, there are several types of sandals to choose from. Some sandals will be more suited to certain events than others and some will find certain sandals more comfortable than others.
Read on to find out about the different kinds of sandals you can choose from.


Gladiators came into vogue in the last few years and it is a look that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. These are enclosed but open sandals inspired by the times of Ancient Rome. They can feature a heel or not and they are perfect for formal and casual occasions.

Flips FlopsSchmidt Clothing Flip Flops

Flip flops are characterized by a thong that goes between the toes and a slip-on, backless design. Plastic flip flops are usually worn at the beach or pool but there are also flip flops made of more durable materials that are suitable for everyday wear. They are best for casual occasions.


Sling-back sandals are so called because they have a strap that goes behind the ankle to keep them on. They often feature a low heel like a kitten heel or wedge and a peep toe. They have a vintage look that has become popular in recent years and they can be worn in casual and formal settings depending on their design.


Much like flip-flops, sliders also have a completely open back that lets you easily slip them on the foot. However, instead of a thong that goes between the toes, sliders have just one strap in the front that feet can slide into. Sliders can be great for pools and beaches or you can wear them for running errands or hanging out around the neighborhood.

Schmidt clothing Women's Wedge Shoes
Wedges are characterized by a wedge heel that gives you a bit of height and some much-needed support. They can be combined with a variety of looks including peep toe, sling-back and gladiator. Wedges can dress up a casual look and they are perfect for semi-formal occasions. However, the heel is clunky, and it is best to avoid wearing them for more elegant events.

Dress Sandals

Dress sandals is a broad term that can apply to any sandal with a dressy look. Most often, dress sandals will have a heel and some type of embellishment.

Flat Sandals
Schmidt Clothing Women's Flat Sandals
This is another broad term that can be used to describe any sandal with a flat heel. These sandals are often comfortable, easy to wear and great for running errands and hanging out with friends. A nice looking flat sandal can also be worn to work.

Peep Toe Sandals

Peep toe sandals describe any sandal with a small opening near the toe. They are usually combined with a wedge or kitten heel and a sling-back strap. They are not as open as some other sandals, but they closely resemble a pump giving them a dressier look.


Mules are used to describe a type of shoe with no restraint around the heel. Mules typically have a clunky front and they can be closed or open toed. They usually have a low heel. They are great for office settings.
Now that you know about the different types of sandals you can wear, which will you be adding to your summer wardrobe?


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