Dress Yourself 10 Pounds Thinner

While everyone is stuck inside, we may be indulging a bit more than we should. And without being able to hit the gym, there’s only so much we can do to shed that extra weight.

Well, you might not be able to do a lifestyle overhaul to lose those pounds, but you certainly can dress yourself to appear ten pounds thinner. Here are some great tips.


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Wear Black

Keep Clothing in ProportionBlack and other dark colors hide a multitude of sins. Stick to dark colors and add a bright pair of shoes to spice things up.







Full, round shapes can work on the top or bottom, but if you wear them on both the top and bottom, your figure will appear fuller. Therefore, it is best to slim down full size looks with something tapered. So a puffy sweatshirt will look good with a tight pair of jeans, while baggie trousers will be well complemented by a fitted top.

Wear the Right Jacket

If you are feeling like you may have gained a few, a jacket is a great way to hide those extra pounds. However, it’s important that the jacket has the right fit. Anything tapered at the waist will work well. Stay away from jackets that are overly baggy to produce a slimming look.


Choose Form Fitting Skirts

A skirt is another item that can conceal problem areas, especially around the top parts of the leg. When choosing a skirt, go for something form fitting. A great pencil skirt should do the trick.

Dress Up a Pair of Jeans


Heels always slim and elongate the leg. While a lot of women will slip them on with a dress or skirt, they will also produce a similar effect with a pair of jeans.   Put on some heels with your jeans and tuck in your shirt to give your legs a long and lean appearance.

Carry a Structured, Medium Sized Bag

Believe it or not, the right bag can also take pounds off your body. A large formless bag will add to your body bulk while one that is smaller and structured will produce a neater appearance.

Layer Lighter Colored with Darker Ones

Earlier in the article we talked about how darker colors produce a slimming effect. But if you feel boxed in by darker hues, you can step outside the box and experiment with some lights and brights. These will work best if you layer them over darker shades. For instance, you can throw a red sweater over a black tank and trousers to get the effect you are looking for.

Create Interest at the Neckline

An interesting neckline is another way to give the ‘10 lbs. slimmer’ illusion. A V-neck produces more of an hour glass shape throughout the body while any neckline that adds interest will detract from problem areas.


If you are feeling self-conscious about your figure, these looks will help get you looking your best. Which will you be wearing to shed those pounds?Prints can add to a larger look but if you use them wisely, they will work for you. In general, smaller prints work better than bigger ones. If you are bigger on the bottom, try an A-line dress with black tights.



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