Eight Ways to Wear Sunflowers Loud and Proud this Summer

The floral trend is bigger than ever. Colorful floral prints can provide looks that are bright and cheery or even spooky and gothic.


When thinking of florals, the types of flowers you include in your print will really set the tone for the overall look of your outfit, and if you’re going for a cheery motif, nothing is better than a sunflower.


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Sunflowers have a cheery aesthetic and an uplifting bright yellow color. They stand for adoration, loyalty and longevity. And much like the sun itself, they will brighten up any day.


If you are thinking of adding sunflowers to your fashion, here are some ideas for getting your wardrobe looking cheerier.


Sunflower Shirts

Sunflowers can be incorporated into shirts in so many ways. You can wear a t-shirt with a sunflower printed on it or you can wear a top that is more detailed with sunflowers that work repetitively into the print. These are all great ways to prominently feature your cheery look.




Bathing Suits

Nothing will quite brighten up the pool area like a sunflower bathing suit. The sunflowers can be on the top and bottom of the bikini, on the bottom or top only or the flower can be featured as a focal point on a one piece.





Summer Cardigan

Summer cardigans are perfect for keeping the sun from burning skin. The thin fabric will not overheat you, but it will keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunflowers are a great summer cardigan print making for a piece that will look perfect over shorts and a tank or your sunflower bathing suit.




Wearing sunflowers on shoes may not seem as obvious when we think of how to incorporate these cheery flowers into our looks. However, when thinking of sunflower shoes, the possibilities are endless. Sunflowers can be worn on boots, sneakers, sandals, high heels…. And the list goes on. They can be worn as a print or they can be an added 3-D feature. For more unusual looks, try them embedded into clear platforms!



Sunflower Dress

A sunflower dress can be one of the cheeriest ways to brighten up a summer or spring afternoon. Think of sundresses with bold, bright, flowery patterns that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.






Sunflower Leggings

Today’s legging looks are bolder than ever. These comfortable pants will look great with a solid color top that really brings out their aesthetic.






Sunflower Rompers

Rompers are cool pieces that can slip on and off easily. They are great for lounging around the house or running errands around town. A sunflower print is the perfect complement to that easy, breezy look.





Sunflower Shorts

Sunflowers are sure to be all the rage this summer. Which of these items will you be adding to your wardrobe?Sunflower shorts are expected to be a favorite summer item. Complement your look with a bright yellow top and you are good to go.



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