Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wearing a Scarf

A scarf is a terrific fashion accessory that can help keep you warm. With the weather getting colder, I’m sure most of you are pulling your scarves out of storage, or stocking up on new scarves for the season.

But this year, it’s gonna be different. This year you’re going to know everything there is to know about wearing a scarf. This year you’re going to take scarf wearing to the next level. And here’s how it’s gonna go down. 




Scarf length generally falls in three ranges which are as follows:

·        Short: 30”

·        Medium: 55”

·        Long: 82”


Short scarves are great for wrapping around the neck so that they might substitute for a tie and collar, but if you are looking for a scarf that will wrap around and provide warmth, go for medium length. A longer scarf will provide an oversized look.




Now you need to think about the material of the scarf. For the most part, scarves will be made up of one or more of the following materials.


·        Wool: Wool is a nice, warm material but it’s known for being itchy. To make sure your scarf isn’t itchy, go for a merino wool or cashmere. Both of these will be nice and soft. Cashmere is luxuriously soft but can also be quite expensive.

·        Silk: Silk is usually reserved for shorter scarves. These scarves tend to be more for fashion than for warmth.

·        Acrylic: Acrylic is not as soft and breathable as other fabrics but it can be a good alternative if you’re allergic to wool.

·        Polyester: Poly blends are often used in scarves to give them durability.

·        Cotton: Cotton’s a classic. It’s breathable and easy to care for.

·        Fleece: Fleece is a nice soft fabric but it’s also not very breathable. It is for this reason that it’s not the best option in scarf material.


Choosing the Best Color


The color you choose for your scarf should be based on two factors, your complexion and your outfit.


When it comes to your outfit, basically you will want to choose a scarf that’s the opposite of what you’re wearing. So if you’re wearing a colorful outfit, go for a neutral scarf. If you’re wearing a darker or neutral colored outfit, go for a bright scarf.


As far as complexion, remember, your scarf will be right against your face. Therefore, it’s important to get the color that’s right for you.

Finding the right color for your complexion is a subject that could be worthy of a whole other article, so we won’t go into it here. However, if holding a scarf up to your face and seeing how it looks with your skin tone is not working, you can do some research to find out about colors that might work for you.


How to Tie a Scarf


The classic way to tie a scarf is to wrap it around your neck so that it hangs evenly on both sides in the front. However, this is not the only way. Here are some other ideas.


·        Around the Neck: If you want to stay extra warm, keep wrapping your scarf around so the ends don’t hang down at all. Once the scarf is wrapped, tuck the end in.


·        Through the Loop: To do this one, fold the scarf in half, then put it around your neck. Take the ends at one side and put them through the loop. Almost like tying a tie, this will let the scarf fall at a rakish angle at the side of your neck.


·        The Crossover: For this one, you will want to cross either side of the scarf across your body so the ends are going in the opposite direction from one another. Use your jacket to hold the scarf in place.


·        The Backwards: This one is similar to the classic way to tie a scarf only, instead of allowing the ends to hang in the front, they hang in the back.


To Scarf or Not to Scarf


It is perfectly acceptable to wear a scarf with a suit. Don’t worry about the collar and tie, it will still look elegant. However, you might think twice about wearing a scarf with bulkier necks like cowl necks and ruffles. Not only will it look overbearing, it’s likely to be uncomfortable.


Now that you know everything there is to know about wearing a scarf, how will you be adding one to your winter looks? 


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