Fall Fashion Looks for Men


The fall is coming and there is an unmistakable chill in the air. Although not all of us are looking forward to the summer ending, it gives us the chance to go out and buy a new fall wardrobe. If you are a man who enjoys shopping, here are some looks to keep your eye out for in the coming season.



With grunge looks making a comeback, plaids and checks are coming back big time. They can be worn on anything from pants to jackets to flannels with checks being large or small. Especially popular in Europe, these bold prints are also making a splash in American markets. 

Cardigans as Coats


Cardigans are so comfy, there will always be a place for them in fashion. This season, we can expect to see cardigans being worn as coats. Therefore, they can be thrown on over a shirt and tie, a heavy vest or a simple sweatshirt to produce a great layered look.



Jeans are always in style but this season, we are saying goodbye to the overly bleached, acid wash looks in favor of darker washes. All styles are in from skinny to baggy with a special place in our hearts for ripped, baggy skater jeans. Prints on jeans are also a sign of the times.

Tailored Looks


Fall of 2020 is welcoming highly tailored looks, especially when it comes to coats and jackets. Therefore, when selecting a man’s jacket, go for something with an elegant lapel. Another feature to look out for…harnesses. These wrap around the chest area to give somewhat of a bondage feel to the otherwise sophisticated style.


Red isn’t the easiest color to wear, especially for men, but designers are injecting it into wardrobes by making a wide variety of shades and tones available. More daring men can wear head to toe red while those who are experimental can add it here and there. Everything from red silk suits to red denim jackets can take fashion to the next level.



While the leather jacket has never really gone out of style, this season’s looks are about leather from head to toe. Wide legged leather trousers, skin-tight leather skinny jeans and leather hats and jackets are expected to dominate runways.

Multi-Functional Outerwear


While elegant looks are in, street styles are also going strong. The classic windbreaker is not only a popular item due to its look, it is also great for its multi-functionality. Jackets that keep out the wind and cold, protect against the rain and are suited for rugged outdoor activity are worth their weight in gold.

Fur Lined Coats


It may not be cold enough for them yet, but once we head into winter, we can expect to see more fur-lined coats. The fur gives them such a great look, you might just want to wear them inside out. But the protection they offer from the cold will be much more effective if they are worn properly!

Fall is right around the corner. Even you men who hate to shop should be stocking up with great looking items that will keep you warm and looking your best. Which do you like to include in your cool weather wardrobe? 

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