Fall Handbag Looks

When the temperature starts to cool down, we think about adding layers. Sweater, scarves and gloves are all must have items that come into the mix. But what about handbags?

Even though handbags will not keep you warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer, it is essential to update your handbag wardrobe to ensure you’re not wearing pastels and cottons when you should be wearing jewel tones, neutrals and wool.

If you are in the process of updating your fall purse wardrobe, here are some styles you will want to look out for.

Jewel Tones

Fall is the time to get rid of your white and pastel colored purses. You will want to include some neutrals, blacks and jewel tones instead.

Jewel tones are especially nice for brightening up a winter outfit and colors like deep red, forest green and eggplant purple will go with just about anything. This fall, seek out jewel tones and heavier materials to keep your cold weather wardrobe interesting.

That Must Have Black Purse

A black purse is a must have piece for every season. After all, it goes with just about anything. What’s more, its dark color means it won’t show up dirt easily.

In the fall, you will want to wear a black purse that’s made of a heavier material. Lighten up the look with some metallic trim or colorful embroidery.

Say Yes to Straw

Straw looks are big this year. Many will wear them in the summer to provide a light, beachy look. However, you can take that style into the winter by wearing straw purses with thicker, dark colored straps. The neutral color will go perfectly with your cold weather clothing.

Crossbody is Big

The crossbody bag came back into fashion a few years ago and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Women love it because it’s a good way to keep their belongings secure and it hugs around the body to keep their purses from falling off their shoulders.

When it comes to crossbody looks, the sky’s the limit, but for fall, go with a deep color that makes a good complement to your winter outfits. Tassels will take the hippie-chic style to the next level.

The Satchel

Small purses may come and go but every woman needs at least one large, sturdy purse that holds everything. That’s why the satchel will never go out of style.

Fall satchel bags will need to feature deeper colors and be made of more rugged materials. Other than that, it’s pretty much ‘anything goes’. Just make sure yours is rugged enough to stand up to the test of time and the many items you will be stuffing into it.

Remember, fall isn’t just about keeping warm. It’s about creating a put together look that works from your head to your toes. The right handbag will help you achieve the aesthetic you’re going for.

Which of these handbag looks are your favorite?

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