Fashion Trends That We Never Thought Would Come Back But Did Anyway

In the world of fashion, it seems that everything that comes around goes around. The styles we said goodbye to in the 80’s and 90’s are now as chic as ever.

If you are, um, dated like me, you probably remember a time when you said goodbye to these fashion trends and thought (or even hoped) they would never return. Well guess what…they’re heeeeeere! (Cue spooky voice of little girl in Poltergeist).

Fortunately, today’s designers have put a modern spin on the fashions of old giving them an updated look that takes them into 2020 and beyond. Here are some old-new looks you may want to try.

Bell Bottom/Flared Jeans

First skinny jeans from the 80’s came back. One of the more favorable looks from that decade, many of us rejoiced. Skinny jeans were easy to wear and provided a streamlined look that went with so many outfits.

Well skinny jeans are still in, but now we are also seeing a revival of bellbottoms and flares that were first popularized in the 60’s and made a resurgence in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. With more options to choose from, I say, why the heck not?

Genie Pants

Genie pants may have first been reserved for, well genies, but it may have been MC Hammer that brought them into mainstream fashion in the 80’s. There were a few attempts at a resurgence in the early 2000’s, but it seems to have finally stuck, maybe due to the rise of athleisurewear. After all, these are perfect for yoga.

Tie Dyes

The hippie culture has seen to it that tie dyes never truly went out of fashion, but they seemed to have their place in time in the 60’s with a brief revival in the 80’s. Now festival fashions are bringing them to the forefront.

When it comes to tie dye, just about anything goes, from pants to shirts to jeans and so forth.


Flannels are another classic item of clothing that will never really go out of style, but I guess this is more about the grunge look.

Though dressing down will always be a popular option, when we said goodbye to the grunge look of the 90’s, I thought it was dead and buried. In the early 2000’s, hipsters came back with their own take on the look which proceeded to merge into a full on replication. Kurt lives man!


Most of us thought scrunchies were a thing of the past when Sex and the City devoted an entire episode to putting them down. While this did do considerable damage, despite what anyone thought, scrunchies are back. These hair accessories were just so easy to use and the fact that they never got caught in hair made them a fan favorite.

Now that scrunchies have made a resurgence, they are more stylish then ever. Many of them have added features that makes it appear as if there is actually a scarf tied around the hair. As usual, there are also plenty of colors, prints and materials available.

Fashions go through stages and you never know what’s going to come back in style. What fashions do you wish would reappear or disappear for good?

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