Finding that Perfect Pair of Men’s Swim Trunks

If there’s one thing men probably don’t give a lot of thought to, it’s swim trunks. Most guys realize they are about to go swimming and grab the first pair of trunks they see. But then, they may feel a bit self-conscious stepping out onto the beach or pool area in a pair of swim trunks that don’t quite cut it.


If you are one of those men who make hasty swim trunk decisions that you regret later, try making this year different. Read on to find out about some things to consider ensuring you buy swimwear you truly love.


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Okay, let’s start by just addressing the elephant in the room…Speedos. Rather than wondering if Speedos are back in style, the question is more like, is it ever okay to wear a Speedo.




Men's Beach Weat Board Shorts


Really, Speedos are best left to athletic competitions as they will provide the ultimate in performance. There are also European men who prefer that no tan line look. However, if neither of these apply to you, it’s best to go for the sporty, skate shorts look.



That being stated, the ideal length for men’s swimsuits is two inches above the knee. This way, short guys won’t be overwhelmed by an abundance of fabric and taller guys won’t have to worry about showing too much leg…or a possible wardrobe malfunction.




Let’s face it, not all of us will have met our weight loss goals by the summer. If your abs aren’t as tight as you’d like them to be you may want to go for an adjustable waist band. However, it’s best to go for one that lays flat to avoid added bulk.


If you’re going for a snap closure, make sure it is not too tight. An overly snug waistband will make your gut spill over and your snap might even break after a few beers.



Prints are a little trickier but if you want a stand-out look, try to avoid anything that looks too childish. A cool abstract print or classics like stripes and plaids are the way to go.Most guys will wear a top with their swim trunks and take it off later when they are lounging on the beach or in the pool. Therefore, they will want to make sure that their swim trunks will match most of their clothing. A navy or dark neutral may be your best bet.


Other Features

In addition to wearing a flattering pair of trunks, there are some other features that can set your swimwear apart. These include the following:





  • UPF: Many swim trunks have a UPF that can protect you from harmful rays.
  • Quick Drying Material: After a day of being wet at the beach, you’ll be thankful for a quick drying material on the ride home.
  • Pockets: Pockets can be a convenient feature, as long as you empty them before going in the pool!
  • Adjustable Waist Band: You might be thankful for an adjustable waist band after getting some food in you.
  • Eco-Friendly Fabric: Because who doesn’t want to save the environment?
  • Stretchy Material: A stretchy material is recommended for better athletic performance and it can also help out if you go up a size during the season.
  • Multi-Use: Many guys will wear their swim trunks just about anywhere; to the beach, to the gym, to the store and probably even to your best friend’s wedding if you let them. However, it’s best if these shorts are actually made to be worn for a variety of occasions.


Now that you know what to look for in your swimsuit, you are sure to make a splash at the beach or pool area. What features do you look for when you’re buying a pair of men’s trunks?


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