Five Great Ways to Wear Your Cardi-Vest

Those who are up on fashion have probably already noticed the new trend in town…the cardi-vest. These are long pieces that often go down to the knees though some are longer. They have a great bohemian style and a chic look that makes them a current fave.

If you’re like me, you may look at the cardi vest and wonder, is that sensible? After all, while the items look great, their sleeveless design is somewhat counterintuitive to the fact that they are made to layer over clothing and keep you warm. Well, here are some reasons why you will want to add a cardi- vest to your wardrobe.

·        They create a long, lean line.

·        They are great for distracting away from problem areas.

·        They make a great transition piece for the fall.

·        They are easy to layer and can even be worn over cardigans and jackets when it gets very cold.

·        They provide a textural contrast that works well with other fabrics.

·        They can be used to create a variety of fashion looks ranging from edgy to professional to bohemian.

How to Wear Your Cardi-Vest

Now that you know why a cardi-vest is a wardrobe must, let’s take a look at the various ways you can incorporate it into your outfit.

Over Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans produce a clean line that works well with a cardi-vest over them. Pair the jeans with a tank, a t-shirt or a long sleeved blouse to create a stylish, put together look.

A word to wise, one thing a cardi-vest may not look good with is a bulky top. Make sure the top does not add bulk that gets in the way of the line of the vest.

You can color block with skinnies and a cardi-vest adding solid pieces that work together or go monochrome to make a long, lean line.

Over Wide Pants

While skinny jeans are perfect for creating a sleek cardi-vest look, the vest will also look good with wider pants. When wearing this look, you must be careful to make sure the pants don’t get in the way of the line of the sweater. But if you are able to pull it off, you will create a sleek modern look.

With a Skirt

When wearing your cardi-vest with a skirt, you once again have to be careful to make sure the skirt is not bulky so as to interfere with the line of the vest. Straight skirts and pencil skirts are recommended.

Beyond that, any length will work. A short skirt will work against the line of the vest providing a layered look. A longer skirt will also play up the layered theme while emphasizing the long, lean line of the outfit.

Over a Dress

Cardi-vests work perfectly with dresses. They layer the dress perfectly adding a sense of texture to your outfit.

Similar rules apply when wearing a dress with a cardi-vest as with wearing one with a skirt. Avoid bulky layers and play with lengths to find a look you are happy with.

Other Ideas

Cardi-vests are great for fashionistas who like to play around with styles, textures and colors. Add a vibrant print vest for a boho-chic look or add a colorful vest to an all-black outfit for a color block effect.

Cardi-vests are all the rage this fall. How will you be adding one that spices up your style? 

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