Five Necklace Looks That Are Sure to Impress

by Beck Heldmen


Jewelry brings a wow factor to any outfit, but necklaces are probably the most crucial pieces of all. Located near to the face and accenting the neckline of your top, a necklace can make or break an outfit.


Every year brings new necklace looks and 2020 is no exception. Read on to find out the best way to rock necklace looks.


Statement Necklaces


Statement necklaces are big, bold and hard to miss. They can easily dominate an outfit so be sure to put one on with this intention in mind.


A statement necklace will go well with an understated look, but it can also add an exotic element to bold prints and colors. The main goal will be to wear a simple neckline. This will truly allow the necklace to shine and you won’t have to worry about it breaking up the line of your outfit. 


When it comes to statement necklace styles, there are no hard and fast rules. The more outrageous the better.


Long Pendant Necklaces


Longer necklaces typically come down to close to belly button length. They will detract from a busy outfit so it’s best to wear them with plainer lines.


Here, you want to pay attention to the cut of the outfit more than the pattern of the fabric. For example, a long necklace may look fine on prints, bright, colors, etc. However, they won’t look good on shirts with buttons, ruffles and similar embellishments.


When it comes to pendant necklaces, there are many styles to choose from but bold metallics are ruling the runway this year.


Shorter Pendants


A shorter pendant is a great way to play it safe. It will go with just about anything from open neck shirts to bare necklines. However, if you wear a neckline that is too busy, it may get lost, so you are better off without it.


Shorter pendants are a classic look and, because they are so sophisticated and elegant, any style is perfectly acceptable. Many women choose to wear a simple gemstone charm, but if you want to add some fun to the outfit, your pendant could be a colorful flower, your favorite pet or anything else that suits your taste.


Layered Looks


Layered jewelry became all the rage a few years back and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


When it comes to necklaces, layers can be short or long. Shorter layered necklaces may start near the neckline with subsequent strands still falling above the chest. This is a great way to produce an elegant look that lends a little more wow than a smaller pendant.


Longer layered necklaces may start near the neckline and graduate down so the final layer is just above the belly button. These give off a look that is a little more rock n’ roll. They are great for hippie chic and alternative styles.





Chokers will go with just about any neckline except perhaps turtlenecks and any others that are exceptionally high. They fit tightly around the neck to frame the face and provide a very sexy look.


You can combine chokers with a set of longer necklaces or wear them on their own.


When it comes to style, just about anything goes. A leather strap or a ribbon with a charm are great for alternative looks. For something more elegant, a plain chain or one that features one or a few small charms will be ideal.


It’s great that there are so many necklace looks to choose from. As long as you get the neckline right, you really can’t go wrong. Which styles are your favorites?


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