Getting a Layered Look is Not as Easy as It Seems, But We can Help

Layers are great, but they are not always easy to achieve.

A layered look entails starting with a base that is not overly bulky but is still visible beneath the top garment. The top garment should be large enough to cover the undergarment while still allowing for some visibility.

While layering a sweater over a shirt may not be much of a challenge, it can be more difficult to layer a sleeveless top over a long sleeved top or tee. Wearing a skirt over another skirt or pants is also not easy.

Fortunately, we have some fashion hacks that will help you get a flawless look every time.

Skirt or Dress over Skirt

Let’s start with achieving a skirt or dress layered over a skirt look.

Start by finding your over skirt or dress. It’s best to go with one with some sort of slit or graduating hem. The underskirt will work to accent these cuts well.

Also, you don’t want your overskirt to be too tight. If the skirt is too tight, it will bulk when the bottom layer is added.

This sexy sundress has a high slit that will show off an underskirt perfectly. It also has a loose but fitted cut that won’t bulk when a skirt is placed beneath it.

Next you will want fo find a skirt to go underneath. The skirt you place underneath should match the skirt above colorwise. It should not be too bulky and it should be long enough to show from beneath the top layer.

This crochet dress was originally designed as a swim suit cover up but its lightweight material and intricate texture makes it the perfect underlayer for our dress. The sleeves of the top will also add interest around the shoulder area.

Dress and Pants

A dress over pants look is the ultimate in boho chic.

For this one, you will want to start with a voluminous dress that will cover the pants without becoming overly bulky. A longer dress will be right for the hippie vibe we’re after, but we don’t want a dress that’s so long that it completely covers the pants.

This tie dye dress has a great hippie look and a voluminous cut. It’s on the long side but pants will still be visible underneath.

When it comes to pants, there are a few directions you can take it in. You can add leggings, but at that point, you may as well just add a pair of stockings. To truly make a unique bohemian look, adding jeans is preferable.

Some women might take it to the next level by wearing flares that will produce a shabby chic look that works for some, put I think a straight leg look is neater.

That being said, if you go totally skinny, you risk that stocking look again so it’s important to find that perfect medium.

These Boyfriend Jeans are just the kind of straight leg you want under your dress. The cuffs may or may not work with your outfit so decide whether or not you want to include that feature.

Sleeveless Tops over Longer Sleeves

Another look that’s been popular for several years is wearing a tube or sleeveless top over a longer sleeved shirt which can be a tee, jersey or button front.

The first step here will be to find your sleeveless top. Just about any top will do as long as it’s tight fitting but with enough room to fit a top under it. It will also have to match the undershirt so make sure it features a color or print that’s not too outrageous.

This jumpsuit has a sleeveless top that will look great with a shirt underneath.

When adding a top for underneath, you will want to find one that’s fitted enough so it won’t be too bulky. It will also have to match. Finally, the top you choose should not have any details that will be cut into by the top layer.

This floral button up is a great way to have fun with the look. It carries the black of the stripes but adds a strong floral for a print mix and matching adventure. The thin material and simple cut mean it won’t create a lot of bulk.

Now that you know about some great layering ideas, what unique outfits will you be creating? 

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