Hopping on the Athleisure Wear Trend

Those of us who pay attention to fashion will notice that more people are wearing athletic wear as everyday wear. In fact, this trend has become so popular, there are entire designer clothing lines set aside as ‘athleisure wear’. Let’s take closer look at this new fashion movement and what’s behind it. Athletic Wear

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Why People Love It:


The rise of athleisurewear didn’t come out of nothing. People love wearing their fitness wear everywhere, and with good reason. Here are just a few:

Convenient: Wearing fitness wear means you don’t have to travel around with a gym bag. You can simply pop into the gym any time you want and you’re good to go.

Comfortable: Fitness wear is super comfortable. It is designed for movement and people love the stretchy fit the material provides.

Look: Yoga pants may have led the entire leisure wear revolution. Women love the way these pants hug their curves.

Yoga Pants


Motivational: When people wear fitness wear, they feel motivated to move. The comfort the clothing provides and the fact that they can bust into a workout at any time makes them feel inspired to do so.

Getting the Look

If you want to get that energized feeling of wearing fitness wear outside of the gym, there are a few different directions you can take it in.

Leggings, for example have been included in everyday wear for some time now. In fact, it is not unusual to see leggings in luxury materials that can be worn in clubs and for other nighttime occasions.

Leggings can also be worn under skirts to double as tights or they can be paired with longer sweaters and boots to provide a similar look.

One thing to be aware of when wearing leggings in that they tend to be sheer around the butt. It if for these reasons that you will want to go with something longer on top when wearing them.


 Yoga pants differ from leggings in that they are made of a more durable material and they have a thick waistband that is designed to stay in place during a yoga workout. Because yoga pants are made of a thicker material, it is easy to wear them with shorter tops. In fact, if worn with longer tops, they may give a bulky appearance that is not as fashionable.

And while yoga pants are more versatile in this respect, the fact that they can not be layered and their overall look in general makes them more suited to casual occasions such as running to the store or working out in the gym. They are best paired with sneakers and a t-shirt, sweatshirt or sports bra; although you may want to throw something over that sports bra if you’re wearing it around town.

Trends in Athleisure Wear

The athleisure wear trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, experts predict it will be growing in the current years. Here are some new trends to look out for.

  • Unisex Looks: Expect to see more men wearing leggings while women are saying yes to street fleece, oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts.
  • Logos in Technical Patterns: While logos have long been associated with fitness wear, these features are going in unexpected directions appearing as stripes down the sides and backs of sweatshirts, t-shirts and pants.
  • Neutrals and Neons: Fitness wear has often been featured in neutral colors. This year, those browns, blacks, whites and grays will be combined with stand out vibrant tones and neons.
  • Materials: Fitness wear is now available in luxe materials that are softer, stretchier and more durable than ever. And as people are becoming more eco-friendly, sustainable materials are being used more often in the manufacturing of these pieces.

If you are passionate about staying in shape, good news is here. It is now in fashion to wear clothes that suit your active lifestyle. How will you be sporting athleisure wear look this season?

Being stuck at home can be challenging, one inspirational leader in the fitness community we look to is Maiah Chanel. She is FYRE. You can check out the fantastic insight she gives to wellness in her Blog.

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