How Do I Pick the Perfect Pair of Snow Boots?

Depending on where you live, you may have already experienced your first snowfall of the year. Others may be looking at those cloudy skies and dropping temperatures and know that snow is on the way.

No matter which of these situations pertain to you, you will need to stock up on winter boots for the coming season, and the sooner the better.

In order to make sure you are well protected from the cold weather, you will need a shoe that is durable, warm and weatherproof. Not sure if the shoes you are thinking of getting fits the bill? Here are some things you will want to look out for.


These Women’s Short Ankle Boots are stylish andtheir rugged heel makes them ideal for walking through snow.

When looking for a snow boot, comfort is a priority. Make sure your boot won’t dig into your foot while you’re walking over treacherous surfaces.

Your boot will need to provide stability, so you want one with a snug fit that is not overly tight. Also, keep in mind that you may even want your boot to be a little oversized to accommodate extra socks.

If you are buying online and can’t try on boots before purchasing them, check in with the manufacturer to see how the sizing runs.


These Martin Snow Boots have a fur lining that’s terrific for keeping feet warm.

It goes without saying that you want your boots to be warm. However, if you tend to produce a lot of body heat, overly warm shoes can cause you to sweat which is uncomfortable and adds moisture that can make feet colder when you cool down. Too much warmth can also cause feet to itch.

A well-made boot should offer a fair amount of warmth while an added lining may be excessive. Think of whether you tend to run warm to decide if you need extra protection from the cold.

 There are also boots with takeout linings that may be ideal.


These Waterproof Hiking Boots offer a sneaker-like comfort and hold up well to the elements.

 It makes sense that you would want your boots to have some amount of weatherproofing, the question is, how much?

Some boots may be advertised as being water resistant while others may be waterproof. A water-resistant boot will not protect your foot as well from moisture and it may even get completely ruined if it becomes soaked. A weatherproof boot should hold up and keep your foot nice and dry no matter how wet it gets.

However, you should keep in mind that boots that are weatherproof may not be as attractive as other types of boots. Therefore, you need to think about what’s more important, looking good or staying dry.

How High Should the Boots Be?

These RockRooster Men’s Wedge Work Boots are water resistant and their sturdy heel makes them great for snow.

Snow boots are typically either ankle length or knee length. Boots that go up to the knee will be better at keeping moisture out, but they may restrict movement. Keep this in mind when making a selection that’s right for you.

Buying snow boots is not easy. Finding a pair that’s cute, comfortable, warm, but not overly warm, and durable enough to hold up the elements will take some amount of effort. But the tips in this article will help you find the perfect boots to get you ready for the winter.

What do you look for in a snow boot? 

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