How Has the Military Influenced Fashion?

There are not many people that enjoy wearing a uniform. However, ironically, military uniforms have influenced style leaving their mark in so many ways. Camouflage, combat boots, cargo pants, double breasted jackets and other fashionable looks have all been influenced by the military.

If you just can’t get enough of military looks, there are so many ways you can integrate them into your wardrobe. Here are some that are worth exploring.


Camouflage is one of the most popular military fashions that have made it to mainstream. Originally used to protect soldiers in their surroundings, prints of the day are integrated into every day wear including jackets, skirts, tops, pants and more. Although army prints are popular, you can find camouflage in a wide range of colors including pink, purple, blue, yellow…and the list goes on.


Epaulets are ornamental shoulder pieces used as an insignia of rank by the armed forces. They are often integrated into shirt and jacket designs to provide a similar formal look.

Functional Clothing

Sometimes it’s more about function than style. The armed forces make high performance clothing that is optimized for the weather and comes in handy in holding various items at once for the ultimate in convenience. Those that enjoy an outdoor adventure may choose to shop at an army navy store for this reason alone.


There are even army belts available. These are made of a durable canvas that won’t let you (or your pants) down during strenuous activity. They often feature camouflage or another type of attractive design.

Cargo Pants

Even clothing staples like cargo pants are army inspired. Their loose fit allows for movement, they’re made of a durable material and their deep pockets are great for holding gear.

Combat Boots

You can bet that boots that were made to be worn in combat are the most durable you can find. They hold up well in different weather conditions, they can take a beating, they have a sturdy sole and a steel toe. Their durability makes them great for physical activity while their stylish look has made them a favorite in alternative culture.


Backpacks are often used in the military. Soldiers use them to carry gear. While it can be argued that backpacks have many practical uses not exclusive to the military there are military inspired backpacks that are designed to evenly distribute heavy loads. They are more durable than other backpacks and often have waterproof properties as well.

The military is an official institution that protects the nation…but it’s also provides terrific fashion inspiration. What high fashion styles has it inspired in your wardrobe?

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