How Men Can Brighten Up Their Looks with Funky Socks

Go to any boutique and you will see that funky socks are bigger than ever.

Socks are an item everyone needs, and no one seems to have enough of. After all, they always seem to be getting lost in the wash or accumulating holes over time.

And why not make a useful item fun? When it comes to socks, funky prints are the way to go.

Funky socks can be worn by both men and women, but personally, I think there’s nothing hotter than a guy with a funky pair of socks peaking out from his suit. It shows humor and personality and an ability to rebel against the man!

Okay, lets’ not get carried away…but face it, funky socks are awesome on men.

If you have a funky pair of socks and are wondering how to wear them, here are some great ideas.

Socks that Match Your Shirt

One fashion idea is to go with socks that match your shirt. So figure you are wearing a bright red shirt with a gray suit. Add a funky pair of red socks to bring the color down while having some fun with your outfit.

In fact, it’s always a good idea to bring some kind of color element down with your socks. If not with the shirt, then go with a pair of socks that picks up the color in your tie or jacket.

With Boat Shoes

Boat shoes have a low top that is perfect for showing off a great pair of socks. They are often worn with jeans or cargo pants that can be rolled up to showcase the look.

When matching boat shoes with socks, go with a nautical theme to have some fun with the style.

Wear Complementary Colors

While wearing socks that match the elements in your outfit is a great way to play it safe, you can also use your socks to introduce an entirely new pop of color. When doing so, make sure the color is complementary to the colors in your outfit.

For instance, if you are wearing browns and rust colors, yellow socks will make the perfect complement. Blue socks will work well with whites and grays.

If you’re wearing a neutral pattern, don’t be afraid to go all out with bright colors and patterns.

Classic Looks are Back

You really can’t go wrong with the old classics, but make sure you bring some zing to the look. Argyle and checkerboard patterns will look great with a splash of color or an art deco feel integrated.

Summer Sock Looks

Summer provides the perfect opportunity for men to show off those funky socks loud and proud. During the warmer months, they can wear shorts with mid-calf socks or socks that come right up to the knees.

When wearing these looks, be sure to own it. It’s a fun look so play with it by sporting fashion forward styles and radical colors. If you don’t maintain this aesthetic, it may all look like a bad accident.

As with any other look, the socks you wear with shorts should match or complement the colors in your outfit. Summery solid colors, florals and fruit themes will be ideal for this time of year.

Funky socks are everywhere. Get in on the fun by adding them to your outfits. What looks will you be creating with these awesome accessories? 

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