How Men Can Rock a Print Button Front

There is no doubt that men’s print shirts are bigger than ever. There’s an emphasis on prints and bold colors, and men’s shirts are no exception.

While prints can be worn on t-shirts, they really look terrific on button fronts. A button front has that sort of Hawaiian shirt appeal that works on so many levels.

As a man, it’s not unusual to shy away from prints. If you are not used to prints, but you are ready to embrace them in updated fashion looks, here are a few suggestions.

Play with Color

Of course, you can play it safe by wearing your print shirt with a pair of blue or black jeans but playing with color will take it to the next level. So if you’re wearing a shirt with a predominantly gold theme, try mixing it with brown or gold jeans. This will add excitement to your outfit.

Wear it Over a Tee

Another way to have fun with your look is to wear your print shirt over a t-shirt. This will add interest to the outfit while giving you even more opportunity to play with color. For instance, if you are wearing a print that’s red, white and blue, try wearing it with a red t-shirt and blue slacks.

Play with Prints

After you’ve had some experience with prints, you can get even more daring by mixing things up a bit. Here are some basic rules that will help you out.

·        Wear Bigger Prints with Smaller prints: For example, a big checked plaid print might go well with a smaller checked plaid print.

·        Break Prints up with Solids: Try wearing a print top with print sneakers. Break up the look with a solid pair of pants.

·        Wear Matching Colors: If you are wearing a three-color print, integrate at least two of those colors into the other print you’re wearing.

Wear Them Under Suits

Want to give your business suit a fun, casual look? Try wearing a print shirt underneath. At least one of the colors in the print should match the suit. You can also add a tie that matches the suit to bring the look together.

Pair Them with Wide Pants

The fashion forecast says wide legged pants are in. While it’s common for men to wear button front shirts with fitted jeans, this coming year, experiment by pairing them with something more voluminous. This will make for a high fashion look that’s simply divine.

If you are ready to dive into prints, these button front shirts are a great way to start. What styles will you be wearing in the new year? 

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