How Music Influences Clothing


Peanut butter and jelly, love and marriage, fashion and music.

These are all things we know go hand in hand.

When it comes to fashion and music, we have seen so many musical styles that have changed the way we dress. Let’s take it through the years to see how these elements have grown together.




The 1960’s mark the beginning of rock n’ roll and seem as good a place to start as any.

Many say The Beatles are responsible for bringing jeans into mainstream culture.

Beyond that, psychedelia and the summer of love ruled the streets with bell bottoms, colorful prints, gauzy materials and an overall theme of peace that came though in both the music and fashion.

The hippie look was complemented by mods who preferred sleek minis, go-go boots, false eyelashes and stick straight hair.



During the 1970’s, the 60’s look evolved. Bellbottoms tightened up to become flairs and we lost some of the colorful psychedelia in favor of slick disco looks.

And while shiny materials and tight jeans became a popular look at the club scene, rock n’ roll was becoming heavier and grittier as stringy hair and rock shirts took over as rocker chic.


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In the 80’s new wave ruled supreme. The sound was celebrated with neon colors, overstuffed shoulder pads, skinny jeans and teased up hair.

On the other side of the coin, metal was starting to climb the charts bringing denim and leather debauchery. However, later in the 80’s glam looks started taking over with printed spandex, ripped tees and more.




In the 90’s, people were ready to say goodbye to the excessive looks and over-produced music of the 80’s as grunge began to take over. Rockers ditched their high hair to wear it long and plain and flannel shirts and ripped jeans reigned supreme.

Those who favored pop music began attending raves as glow in dark fashions, baggie jeans and jewelry that looked like oversized candy made for a standout style.



During the early 2000’s, we saw a resurgence of many of these styles, but one trend that emerged big time was steam punk. Brought on by emo music, this style brought back looks of the Victorian era such as top hats, long double-breasted coats and high waisted pants.

An industrial look was added in the guise of google-like glasses which added to the appeal.

And while emo rockers went all out with stylish looks, the indie scene paid tribute to the 90’s as grunge evolved into hipster looks. A combination between grunge and hippie, beards, man buns, highwaters, flannel shirts and cardigans were signature pieces that made hipsters what they were.

Classic Looks


Of course, we would be remiss not to mention classic styles that have stood the test of time when it comes to fashion and music. The punk look, which is characterized by combat boots, plaid jeans, suspenders, mohawks, patches and safety pins is one that got big in the 70’s and never really went out of style.

Rappers have been wearing baggie jeans, track suits, athletic sneakers, gold chains and ski hats and jackets since the 1980’s.

And of course, the tight jeans, leather jacket and motorcycle boot rocker/biker look is one that isn’t going anywhere.

Music has brought us so many great looks throughout the years. We can only wait to see where it will take us in the future. Which of these is your favorite?




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