How Should a Men’s T-Shirt Fit?

When it comes to how men’s clothing should fit, most guys think that, as far as t-shirts go, they have it down. After all, these are easy items of clothing that don’t utilize buttons and zips. Just put them over your head and you really can’t go wrong.

But how often have we seen men in t-shirts that are oversized and baggie with sleeves that are too long and necks that gape unattractively? And if there’s a hot bod underneath, why a poor fitting t-shirt is a simply sinful!

If you’re a guy struggling to find a t-shirt with a perfect fit, here are some helpful tips.

Neck Openings

If you’re wearing a crew necked tee, finding the right neck fit is pretty simple. As long as it’s not too tight or too loose you’re good to go.

If the t-shirt is v-necked on the other hand, you will want to make sure the V is not too low. Man cleavage just shouldn’t be a thing!


Your sleeves should hit your arm at mid bicep, and they should hug the arms without being too tight. They also shouldn’t be so loose so that they gape around the arms. A loose fit will look cheap and tacky and it won’t bring out the definition in your muscles.


The torso is where a lot of men mess up. Once again, the torso should have a fitted look without being too tight. As a rule, if you can pinch and not pull, 1 to 2 inches on either side of the stomach, you should have a perfect fit.


You want your t-shirt to cover your stomach, but you don’t want it to look like a dress. Therefore, the best length will be mid to lower crotch. To err on the side of caution, lower crotch will be ideal as this will assure that your t-shirt won’t ride up to reveal your stomach when you lift your hands. (But if you have a hot six pack, is this really a crime?)

Fabric Choice

To go slightly off topic, let’s take a quick look at fabric choice.

You want to avoid wearing a fabric that’s too thin. Fabrics that are too thin can be especially problematic in light color t-shirts as they will let skin show through. You may want to do some research in advance to make sure the t-shirt you are buying provides adequate coverage.

You also want to avoid wearing a t-shirt in a silky or shiny material. This can look cheesy and, honestly, a little creepy. If you want to look formal and flashy, do it up with sequins or a dress shirt, don’t go halfway.

Distressed t-shirt looks are big this year, but there’s a difference between t-shirts bought with a distressed look and those that wear out over time. If your t-shirt is looking faded and worn out, it may be time to put it in the garbage.

Note: To keep your t-shirts in the best shape possible, wash them in cold water and hang dry.

Now that you know how to get the perfect fit and look from your t-shirts, what updates will you be making to your casual wardrobe?  

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