How to Dress for a Networking Event

Headed out to a networking event? You’ll want to wear something that’s comfortable, professional and helps you stand out.

Comfort plays a huge role because it will be a long day and you’ll probably be on your feet for a lot of the time. Good shoes are a must and you’ll also want to wear clothing that helps you adjust to a variety of temperatures.

A professional look is important because this is a work-related event. Anything too casual or too sexy can have prospective clients running the other way.

And you will also want your look to be unique. Stand out rather than blend in so you can be an exciting addition to an otherwise (dare we say) boring event.

Think this look is impossible to achieve? Here are some great suggestions.

You Can’t Miss with a Great Dress

 A dress is terrific for networking events. It is easy to wear and comfortable.

Go for a dress that is no more than a few inches above the knee and not too low cut. A classic style and a stand out color will bring the wow factor. Dresses are also great if you are going to be speaking at an event because they help you stand out from the background.

This dress is a terrific choice because the cut is perfect. The subtle leopard print and jewel green tone will make you stand out while maintaining a professional appearance.

A Slacks and Top Look Will Be Great Too

If you don’t feel comfortable in a dress, you may want to wear a pair of slacks and nice shirt instead. This is an elegant look that is more than acceptable at networking events.

However, it’s a good idea to dress it up a little to make sure you stand out. It may be difficult to find a unique pair of slacks that look professional but you will definitely be able to find a sophisticated shirt that makes a splash. 

This shirt is stylish and professional. It shows the just right amount of creativity and imagination.

Add a Cardigan

When you are at a networking event, you’ll be traveling from room to room. Different rooms will be different temperatures so you want to layer so you’re not overly hot in one room and then freezing in the next.

A blazer provides a lightweight layer that will help you adjust but a cardigan is preferrable because it’s easier to shove in a bag if you need to take it off and carry it around. That being said, you will want to go with cardigan that has a chic look. Stay away from anything that gives the appearance that you’d rather be cuddling up next to a warm fire (even if it happens to be true).

This cardigan has a sleek look that works well with pants or a dress. Its sophisticated, fashionable and lightweight.

It’s All About the Shoes

As mentioned earlier, comfortable shoes are essential at a networking event. With all the walking around you will be doing, you can’t afford to be wearing a pair of shoes that digs in or gets uncomfortable during the course of the day.

High heeled pumps provide a professional look, but after a day on your feet, the last thing you want is to come off as unprofessional to potential clients because your feet are killing you. Therefore, you’re better off going with a low-heeled pair of boots or a sturdy pair of sandals. These can both look sophisticated and they won’t torture your feet.

This pair of sandals is perfect for networking event. The low heel means they will elongate the leg without being uncomfortable. The somewhat closed style gives them an elegant appearance that takes them to the next level.

If you have a networking event on your calendar, these items can make for work appropriate outfits that will help you seal the deal. What will you be sporting for your next conference? 

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