How to Dress for Success in Quarantine


For many people, a Monday morning includes being rudely awoken to the sound of an alarm clock, throwing on work attire, and heading out to brave the 8am traffic. Due to the recent events going on in the world surrounding COVID-19, many of our offices have transitioned into our own living spaces. Our work appropriate suits are now gathering dust, while we’re tempted to have our pajamas making all day appearances. However, it’s important to “get ready” for your day of work being spent in your home office. You don’t need to be sporting a pencil skirt and blouse while you’re remotely working, but you can opt for a more casual outfit for a little sense of normalcy. Here are some style tips for those days when you’re actually missing heading into work.


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Soft and Cozy Tops

Just because we’re not going anywhere doesn’t mean we need to skip out on making ourselves feel a little bit put together. If you’re going to be hunched over your keyboard 9-5 we don’t want anything constricting or uncomfortable, especially when you don’t exactly have any coworkers to impress at the moment. Most employers aren’t going to care what you’re wearing while working from home just as long as you get the work done. Tops like these allow you to be comfortable, while keeping it professional if you have to hop into any video chats! If you won’t be seeing any clients there’s also nothing wrong with throwing on your go-to t-shirt. We all have one we can’t part without. Life hack! If you want to stay comfortable in your pajama pants while joining any Zoom calls, just throw on a professional top. Nobody will ever know!


Schmidt Clothing V Neck Short Sleeve T shirt Loose fit Schmidt Clothing V Neck Short Sleeve T shirt Loose fit 



Oversized and Warm Knits

Most would agree that sweaters are the ultimate package. They are comfortable but they also make it look like you actually tried putting together an outfit. If there is ever a day where you want to dust off the closet cobwebs this solution may be for you. We all love to be cozy around the house and this option is pretty much like wearing a blanket to work. Forget jeans or slacks, pair your favorite knit with cotton leggings or even your most worn sweats; this is the perfect at home office look. Think “work mullet”, business on the top and comfy on the bottom. If you’re looking for a little color in your monotonous quarantine life choose a fun, eccentric color to brighten up your workspace.

 Schmidt Clothing Colorful Ladies’ Knitted Turtleneck   


Schmidt Clothing Khaki Turtleneck Women Sweater

Schmidt Clothing Khaki Turtleneck Women Sweater 




Loungewear Joggers

We’ve talked about what tops are great for our at home office, but we haven’t yet covered loungewear pants we NEED. Not only is loungewear in style, but it is another perfect solution for our COVID-19 blues. Teddy bear material has been a trend seen in sweaters, jackets, and now jogger sweats. The ‘solid color cozy plush pants’ are offered in 5 different colors, so you could even own one for every day of the work week. Their slim silhouette and tapered jogger, they’re sufficiently nice that if you do go for a quick walk around the block, your neighbors aren’t going to think you’re wandering around in your pajamas.


Schmidt Clothing <a href=Solid High Waist Casual Pants ">Schmidt Clothing Solid High Waist Casual Pants 



 Schmidt Clothing Solid Color Cozy Plush Pants



Schmidt Clothing Solid Color Cozy Plush Pants








Jumpsuits can often be seen as dressy, but in the right material they are a perfect addition to your quarantine workwear. Jumpsuits like these have a lightweight, breathable, soft material that leave you feeling like you’re in pajamas, but looking put together and sophisticated. The Another great plus is they're all-in-one, no pairing or matching involved! You might end up loving the versatility of jumpsuits so much, you can transition them easily into your summer wardrobe!

Schmidt Clothing Loose Fit Floral Jumpsuit  Schmidt Clothing Loose Fit Floral Jumpsuit


Schmidt Clothing Rompers Women Jumpsuit Cotton Schmidt Clothing Rompers Women Jumpsuit Cotton



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