How to Dress for Today’s Social Media Moments

There is no doubt that social media is taking over the world. It affects the way we interact, the way we spend our days and even the way we dress.

I mean, let’s say you go out to the grocery store in wrinkled sweats and a stained t-shirt. Suddenly, someone snaps a picture. Maybe the picture wasn’t even of you specifically, but you ended up in the background.

Now let’s say someone posts the picture on social media. That means there is a picture of you, out there on the world wide web and you are not looking your best.

Admittedly, this is an unlikely circumstance that probably wouldn’t have many repercussions, but it can happen.

Maybe we should all be careful about we wear in the case of the unexpected, but when we really want to pay attention is when we are posting pictures that could affect us on a personal or professional level. With this in mind, here are some basic guidelines to be aware of.

Business Related Social Media

Nearly every business uses social media to promote their brand. In doing so, they may post employee profiles or pictures from events that feature employees.

Whether you know if a photo shoot is happening or not, it’s important to put your best foot forward everyday by dressing in an office appropriate manner.

Different offices have different dress codes and the appropriate attire in your workplace may not be the same as it is in other offices, but as a general rule, you never want to wear anything overly sexy.

It’s also advisable to stay away from clothing that’s wrinkled or stained.

In general, if you look like you’re about to hit the clubs, or stay in for pizza and a movie night, you’re probably not ready for a professional social media photo shoot.

Office appropriate clothes may consist of a nice dress, a shirt and blouse set, or a good pair of slacks and a blazer. In some workplaces, you may even be able to wear jeans. Just make sure your jeans fit well and are not ripped. A darker wash also tends to look more professional

One final word of advice, keep in mind that if you are in a high end professional position, all eyes are on you. You never know when someone might be searching up your social media. Therefore, you want to make sure all your personal posts show an appropriate image.

Fashion Blogger

If you’re an experienced fashion blogger, you probably don’t need any tips on what to wear. But if you’re starting out, you might need some extra guidance.

Start by thinking of what kind of blogger you want to be. You may have an overriding theme, or you may have a theme that varies from day to day. For instance, if your focus is on bags, your blogs may revolve around various types of bags and how to wear them.

A more general blog may discuss every day looks for younger women, older women or women in their 30’s, etc.

Once you arrive at your theme, research the latest looks and styles to find something you think makes a standout and/or useful fashion statement.

Also, note, your fans are always watching. Whether you are running out for a quick errand or hanging out at home, no sloppy looks for you, especially if you are doing any picture taking.

Special Occasions

With the holidays just around the corner, you can expect those precious moments to be caught on camera. While most of us try to do our best to look nice on the holidays as it is, there are always those years when we make a fashion faux pas and wear something that isn’t as flattering as we thought it might be.

The difference today is, it’s likely that those unfortunate looks will be caught on camera.

There are some who might be able to wave these looks off easily enough, but if you are the type that obsesses over every gap and stitch, plan carefully before deciding on this year’s outfit.

Social media means more picture taking and that keeps all of us on our toes when it comes to fashion. Professionals, fashion bloggers and socialites have to be especially careful, but today, all of us are under a microscope. What do you like to wear to ensure you look your best…just in case?

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