How to Dress Like Rihanna


When we think of fashion icons that have paved the way in modern style, Rihanna definitely leads the pack. The R&B singer and fashion designer often incorporates a Street Style with high fashion looks making her a trendsetter across the board.

You may think that getting Rihanna’s style is not easy. After all, she has a lot of money and a bevvy of stylists that see to it she is looking her best.

But being as stylish as Rihanna is easier than it might seem.

Read on to find out more about how you can be just as fashionable as this glamorous singer.

Street Style

Rihanna has several stylish looks but it is her distinct sense of street style that sets her apart. While her street style even comes through in her dressier looks, at her most basic, it’s just ripped jeans and a crop-top. She effortlessly adds a pair of sneakers and she’s ready to hit the town.


Formal Casual

We are used to seeing Rihanna caught traipsing around town in jeans, and that’s why it’s so surprising when she rocks a dress. While most expect her to be rocking a mini, the singer favors long, bohemian looks that make the perfect complement to her distinct street style. This long floral is the perfect example of what she might wear for a day out on the town.


Formal Occasions

While Rhi Rhi tends to wear longer dresses when she’s traipsing around town, when making appearances at awards shows and the like, she favors showing a bit of leg. Her taste runs to sparkly numbers that bring the bling. This silver, backless dress is the perfect example of what she might wear.



When it comes to shoes, Rihanna is an all or nothing type of gal. She either wears clunky athletics or stiletto heels. But that doesn’t mean she can’t mix it up a bit. She often pairs heels with ripped jeans and even wears clunky sneakers with some of her bohemian dresses. The bright, sunflower heels are a great example of what she might wear when she wants to look elegant.



Rihanna has been known to rock a blazer to produce a style that is sophisticated and sexy. She makes the look her own by adding a pair of jeans and barely there shirts that add to her sex appeal.


Puffy Jackets

Rihanna is often seen without a jacket, but when she does sport one, it’s usually a puffy number that pays homage to her unique street style. This bright red coat adds a shot of color that takes street to the next level.



When it comes to jewelry, Rihanna definitely likes her share of bling but she also gravitates towards earthy looks. This ring is the perfect cross between the two as it has plenty of shiny stones but its metal setting and intricate style gives it a distinct natural feel.


You may not be able to sing like Rihanna, but you sure can dress like her. These looks are just some examples of how you can cop her fashions without breaking the bank. Which pieces do you prefer?

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