How to Find the Perfect Women’s Hat


A hat is a terrific fashion accessory. It can protect you from the sun in the summer and keep you warm in the winter while adding a stylish element to your clothing.

If you are looking to add more hats to your wardrobe, there are several styles to choose from. Here are some you will want to look into.


What is the Best Hat Style for My Face?


Before going into the hat styles that are available, let’s talk about how to find the best hat styles for your face shape.


·        Long: If you have a long face, you will want a hat with a wide brim that cuts across the forehead.

This will shorten the look of your face.

·        Round: An angular hat like a cloche or fedora will offset the look of a round face.

·        Square: If you have a square shaped face, you want to avoid wearing a square shaped hat.

This will exaggerate your face shape. Instead, soften the look with a floppy hat or wide brim.

·        Heart Shaped: A hat with a clipped brim or angle will detract from the wideness of  a heart shaped

face and the narrowness of the jaw.

·        Oval: A person with an oval face can wear pretty much any hat they choose.

·        Diamond: Diamond shape face people can wear pretty much any hat as long as they wear it further

back on their head. This will prevent the face from looking shortened.


Types of Hats


Now that you have some background on what hat goes best with your face shape, let’s take a look at the variety of hats you can chose from.




A sunhat typically has a wide top and a floppy brim. It is perfect for offering protection from the sun. It provides a glamorous, bohemian look which can be referred to as hippie chic.


Bucket Hats


Bucket hats are pretty much what they sound like…they’re hats that look like buckets. They are a great extension of the grunge look adding some shape and fashion to the stocking hat. They cover the eyes and face making for optimal sun protection. When made of heavier materials, they can also work for colder weather.


Straw Hats


Straw hats have an ethnic look that people just can’t seem to get enough of. Though their appearance may be peasant like, they have worked their way into high fashion runway looks. Their lightweight and wide brims make them great for summertime.


Sun Visors


Sun visors are great for summer because they keep the sun off your face while their open tops don’t add any heat to your fashionable look. Though originally associated with gambling and golfing grannies and grampas, today there are several sleek looks that make them a welcome addition to sporty styles.




Beanies have always been a cold weather go to. During the 90’s, Kurt Cobain and other grunge rockers made them a part of an every day look that never really went out of fashion. Now that grunge fashion is returning, beanies are bigger and better than ever.


Baseball Hat


Baseball hats are great when you want to go for a tomboy look. They are also good for keeping sun out the face. Many have ventilation on the top to keep your head cool during the summer.

Now that you know the many hat styles you can choose from, which will you be sporting this season?


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