How to Get that Audrey Hepburn Look

If you are a fan of retro styles, Audrey Hepburn’s look is one worth exploring.

Hepburn was an actress who enjoyed the height of her fame in the 50’s and early 60’s. One of her best known roles was Breakfast at Tiffany’s which came out in 1961. She was known for her childlike innocence, her classic sophistication and her humanitarian efforts.

Stylistically, Hepburn was a trendsetter. She went through various looks but she was best known for her heavy bangs, her hair bandana, her capris jeans and her button front shirts. If you want to get her look, here are some pieces to put together to achieve the perfect retro flair.

Head Scarf

Hepburn often wore head scarves. These were wrapped around her head and tied around her neck. Her heavy bangs complemented the style perfectly.

This leopard print scarf is perfect for the retro look.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Nothing completes a 50’s look quite like a pair of cat eye sunglasses. Make sure you have some on hand to pull off an ultra glamorous look.

These elegant leopard print cat eye sunglasses are the ultimate in retro style. And the best part is, they’re the perfect match for the leopard print scarf.

Capris Pants

The 50’s was a decade when pants were becoming more acceptable for women and they were accepting it like crazy. Hepburn led the revolution with a simple look that was effortless and sexy.

These capris skinny jeans are a modern take on the classic vintage look.


When it comes to tops, Hepburn liked to maintain the fitted look. Tapered button fronts and sleeveless turtle necks were very much her style.

This sleeveless turtleneck makes for a classic Hepburn look.

Tight Sweaters

Tight sweaters are another look that was perfect for the body hugging appearance Hepburn preferred. They are very much a part of 50’s vintage styles to this day.

This light pink sweater has the fitted style Hepburn loved. The color, the buttons up the front and the v-neck add to the vintage aesthetic.

Hoop Skirts

When Hepburn dressed up, she went big. She deviated from her casual style with voluminous skirts that were utterly feminine. She complemented them with tight tops for a figure flattering look.

This hoop skirt is just the type of garment Hepburn would love. Everything from the style to the print to the bow in the back is reminiscent of the actress.

Simple Shoes

When it comes to shoes, Hepburn like to maintain her simple look. She often wore ballet flats but tennis sneakers were also a favorite. These were perfect for not breaking the line of her outfits.

While Hepburn didn’t wear sandals much, there is something about this pair that is so ‘her’. The effortless ballet style along with the bow at the ankle would have looked perfect with her capris and hoop skirts.


Hepburn attended many award shows in her time and always showed up dressed to kill. Her formal style was similar to her casual style. She favored gowns that were fitted at the top and voluminous at the bottom

With its tight top and voluminous skirt, this gown is a modern spin on what Hepburn would have worn to the Oscars.

Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon whose style stays with us to this day. The items in this article will help you get her terrific retro look. What old time celebs are your favorite? 

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