How to Match Your Makeup to Your Outfit

If you are a true fashionista, you know it’s not all about the clothes. It’s also about the way you accessorize and the makeup you wear. You can pick out a great outfit, but wear the wrong makeup, and your entire look goes downhill.


Obviously, you want to wear makeup that matches your outfit, but if you wear a colorful outfit and bold makeup to match it, you will easily become overpowered. If you are wearing a lot of neutrals and go with a neutral makeup look, you risk looking washed out.

So what’s the solution? Read on to find out.


Wearing Bright Colors


So, let’s say you start out with a dress or shirt that has a bold bright color. It’s a good idea to pick it up in the blush and lipstick. Therefore, if you’re wearing a coral dress, try wearing a lipstick and blush with a coral tone that matches, but not exactly.


If you are wearing a bright blue, you can wear a lighter tone. Or pick it up with a red or bright purple or pink if that makes you look washed out.


But when it comes to eyeshadow, here you want to turn it down a bit. Go with a shade that is much lighter than your outfit; even a neutral will do. If you do go with a brighter color, wear that color alone and apply it lightly. Don’t try to mix it with anything else.


Distribute Colors Throughout Your Outfit


We just talked about wearing makeup colors that match your dress or top. But matching colors to the item closest to your face is not a hard and fast rule. You can also choose to wear colors that distribute the look throughout your outfit.


For instance, say you are wearing a purple dress and you choose to complement it with a pair of red shoes, a red jacket and a red purse. Keep the look going by wearing red lipstick. (With all the color going on, you can use a muted shade like a neutral or light purple for the eyes to finish the look).


Don’t Be Too Matchy-Matchy


Ever put on a dress and find a lipstick, blush and eye shadow that match perfectly? It may be tempting to wear all these items at once, but we’re here to tell you, resist the urge!

Just like you should avoid being too matchy-matchy when you dress, you should also avoid carrying this through to makeup looks. Instead break things up by wearing makeup that matches your accessories or by wearing tones that complement your clothing instead of matching it exactly.


How to Work with the Elements


Now let’s take a look at the main components of makeup (at least when it comes to color) and what to avoid and what to pay attention to.


Lipstick: Lipstick is the most visible makeup item you will wear, and it will definitely make a statement. Whether of not it will make the right statement is what needs to be considered.


For the most part, a light or neutral shade will work with brighter colors while darker lipstick will complement more toned-down looks. However, if light lipsticks and bright colored clothing are washing you out, consider turning it up a notch.


Eye Shadow: Eye shadow may not make as much of a statement as lipstick does but overdoing the eyeshadow can ruin your look more than any other component of your makeup.


In general, the same rules apply to eye shadow as they do to lipstick; that being, lighter shades will go with brighter outfits while brighter shades will go with lighter outfits. However, it also depends on how heavily you are applying your eye shadow. If you apply darker and brighter shades lightly, they will not overpower you.


Also, there are some techniques that will work to produce an unexpected result. For instance, if you’re wearing neutrals, you can carry it though to make a dramatic smokey eyed look that will work well in any setting.


Blush: When it comes to choosing the right blush, the two important factors to consider are how it matches your outfit and how well it complements your complexion. Since the color of blush isn’t very noticeable, the way it complements your complexion will take priority. Just be sure to pick a color that isn’t too matchy-matchy with your outfit.


These tips will help you make the right decisions when it comes to finding makeup that matches your clothing. Which colors do you find work best for you? 


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