How to Mix Patterns for a High Fashion Look

In 2021 we can expect to see a lot of mixed patterns. These elaborate looks are dominating the runway and setting the bar for fashionistas everywhere.

But mixing patterns is not easy. It is difficult to put two patterns together so that your outfit isn’t too loud while ensuring it still matches. Making the wrong move can result in an unhappy accident.

So what do you do to make sure your patterned outfits look terrific? Here are a few tips.

Choose One Dominant Pattern

Mix one dominant pattern with a second pattern that’s not as dominant. For instance, a bold striped pattern will look good with more subtle polka dots.

Add Solids to Break Up the Patterns

You can get away with wearing patterns if you break them up with solids. For instance, you can wear a patterned shirt with patterned tights if you have a solid color skirt or shorts in between them. A patterned coat will look good with a patterned shirt if a solid vest and pants or overalls are added.

Keep Colors Consistent

Make sure the colors in your patterns match. For instance, if you are wearing black and white checks, match it with black and white polka dots. If you are using bolder colors like reds and blues, matching the hues closely may even make it look like you are wearing a set.

Invert Pattern Colors

You can’t go wrong when you wear similar patterns with inverted colors. Wear a white shirt with black stripes on top and black pants with white stripes on the bottom. Or go for a dark blue with red floral on top and red with dark blue floral on the bottom.

Use the Same Patterns on a Different Scale

We already talked about how patterns will look good if you pair a dominant print with a more subtle one. This will work well if the two prints are similar. If you are doing bold purple and pink polka dots on the bottom, go for subtle purple and pink polka dots on top.

Stripes are the New Neutral

Do you have a blue and white striped top? Now it’s simply blue. Go from there to pair it with bold print pants you would normally match with a solid blue top.

Match Like with Like

To get a great patterned look, mix florals with florals, animal print with animal print and camouflage with camouflage. As long as the colors are a basic match, you will create a look that is simply divine.

Incorporate Printed Accessories

Feel a little hesitant about going all out with your two pattern look? Start off slowly. Instead of wearing a bold print top with a bold print skirt, match your print with a solid. Then bring another pattern in with an accessory such as a belt, purse or fanny pack. Go from there to create more outrageous looks in the future.

Polka Dots and Stripes Always Work

Yep, if you start with polka dots and stripes, you really can’t go wrong.

How will you be experimenting to bring out your inner fashionista with patterned looks this coming year? 

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