How to Pair Jackets and Coats with Dresses

Now that the cold weather is upon us, jackets and coats have become an essential part of our wardrobes. When wearing jeans, you can throw on just about any jacket, but if you are wearing clothing with bulk and more detailed lines, you will have to make sure that your outerwear does not interfere with your overall look.

It can be especially challenging to find the right jacket to go over a dress. If this is a problem you are faced, with, here a few golden rules to live by to ensure your outfit will always look flawless.

The Flared Dress

When we talk about a flared dress, we are referring to a dress that comes tightly to the waist or hips and then flares out at the bottom. If you wear a jacket that cuts into the flare of the dress, it will detract from the look. It will also cause your dress to wrinkle.

The solution is to go with a cropped jacket that ends near or close to waist. It’s okay if the jacket falls a little above the waistline but its important that it doesn’t go too far below this general vicinity. Otherwise it will interfere with the line of the dress and look sloppy.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are dresses that come down to the ankle. Like flared dresses, they are usually form fitting at the top and come down loose on the bottom with a straight cut.

Although a longer jacket won’t cut into the line of the skirt, shorter jackets tend to have a more flattering look with a maxi dress. They offset the long bottom to elongate the figure. Wearing a long jacket provides a heavier look that is not as complementary.

Straight Cuts

A straight cut dress is one that is tight fitting throughout. It hugs your body at every curve. Dresses like these come in a variety of lengths from mini to maxi.

When wearing these tight fitting dresses, you can go with a crop jacket or one that comes down to meet the hem of the dress. Lengths that are in the middle may interfere with the line and produce a heavy look.

Shift Dress

A shift dress is a short dress that has a boxy shape and is loose fitting throughout. This is one of the hardest dresses to pair with a jacket because, no matter where the jacket hits, it is likely to interfere with the line of the dress.

In order to keep your lines clean, it’s essential to find a jacket that meets the hem of the dress. Jackets can be belted or not as the dress will not be visible underneath. However, a belted jacket may cause the dress to wrinkle.

Hi-Low Dress

Hi-low dresses are dresses that come to multiple lengths at the bottom. They are typically tight on the top and flow down on the bottom but some can be loose fitting throughout.

When you are wearing a hi-low dress that is fitted at the top, a crop jacket will be well suited to the line of the dress, although you can also go with a longer one that covers most of the dress. If the dress is loose, a longer jacket will work perfectly.

The winter season brings its share of fashion challenges. The tips in this article should have you prepared to for anything your dress and jacket combo has in store. What combinations do you prefer? 

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