How to Pick a Men’s Hat Look That’s Best for You

When it comes to men’s fashions, hats are a must. They look suave, they’re great at completing an outfit, and let’s face it, they’re perfect for covering up a bad hair day or a bald spot.


When it comes to hats, there is a wide variety to choose from. This article will review men’s hat looks so you can find one that’s right for you.

What Hat is Best for My Face Shape?


Before we get started, let’s take a look at which hats work best with which face shapes.


·        Long: If you have a long face, a hat with a wide brim that cuts across the forehead will shorten the look of your face.


·        Round: An angular hat will offset the look of a round face. Fedora and cloches work well. A beanie hat can also be effective in elongating the face.


·        Square: If you have a square face, a hat with a similar shape can be overkill. You can soften the angles in your face by wearing a hat that is floppy or that has a wide brim.


·        Heart Shaped: A heart shaped face will do well with a hat with a clipped brim look that can be found on a baseball hat, a newsboy or a fedora. The brim will take away from the wideness of the upper face and the narrowness of the jaw.


·        Oval: An oval face goes well with just about any type of hat.


·        Diamond: A diamond shaped face will look good with just about any hat as long as it can be adjusted to be placed further back on the head. This will reverse the potential look of a shortened face.


Types of Hats


Now let’s take a look at some types of hats that are being shown this year.


Baseball Hats


Baseball hats are a go-to for many men. They are a part of street culture and they are also great for promoting your favorite shop, brand, band and of course, your favorite baseball team.

Baseball hats look good on just about any man, but it is important to wear them on the right occasions. They are for casual dress only. If you are planning on going to any sort of formal event, leave the baseball hat at home.



Fedoras have gotten big in the last few years and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. A favorite with pop stars, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Justine Timberlake are just a few celebrities known for sporting the look.

A fedora dresses up just about any outfit. You can wear one with jeans and a t-shirt to bring a touch of class. It can also work well with a full-on suit. However, they are fun and funky, and I wouldn’t recommend them for overly formal events.


Tam O Shanter


Tam o’ shanter is the name given to the traditional Scottish military bonnet worn by men. It can be any color, but it is traditionally some sort of plaid and it usually has a pom pom on top.


Besides being worn for traditional cultural dress, tam o’shanters are also the height of hipster fashion. They are usually worn for warmth and are not typically part of a daytime outfit.





Beanies have always been a favorite winter hat look. In the 90’s, they were popularized by Kurt Cobain and other grunge rock stars. Since that revival, they have never really gone out of style and now that 90’s fashion is making a comeback, they are more popular than ever.


Beanies tend to have a casual look. They will always work well with outerwear, but many also wear them with every day looks. They are not meant for formal wear.

Now that you know some popular men’s hats looks, which will you be wearing this winter season? 


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