How to Pick the Most Flattering Swimwear for Your Body Type

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Summer is right around the corner and many of us will be looking for swimwear that is flattering to our figures. Everyone has problem areas and with swimwear, well, there really is no hiding place. However, there are certain styles that will give you a banging bod no matter how bare you dare to go. Read on to find out more.


Straight Figures

A straight figure is characterized by hips and a bust that are about equal in size and a slightly smaller waist. The idea here is to draw attention to the waist and hip area by wearing a suit with a ruffle around the bottom or top. A one piece with cutouts near the waist will give more of an hourglass appearance.

Push ups will also work to accentuate the bust area and make the waist look smaller.



Pear Shaped

Pear shaped gals are gifted in the trunk area but flatter on top. They will want to get a suit that makes the chest are look larger with padding or some type of push up in the bra. This will make women look more proportional.






Vertical stripes can also provide a slimming effect for the bottom area.


If you have an hourglass figure, your hips and bust will be about the same size and your waist will be small. Women lucky enough to have an hourglass figure can wear just about any suit, however, if they have a larger bust, they are best off with a suit that offers some sort of support on top.




Inverted Triangle


Inverted triangle figures are characterized by a large bust area, smaller hips and a waist area that is not well defined. Women with these types of figures will want to detract attention from the bust and accentuate the hips. This can be achieved with a high waisted bottom as the cut will work to add dimension to the hips. Ruched one pieces and slimming bandeaus can also minimize a top heavy appearance.


Top Hourglass


Top hourglass figures are similar to hourglass figures, but the bust will be larger and disproportionate to the hips. However, this can be balanced by a supportive bandeau or a double strap top. Bikini bottoms will be better than boy shorts when it comes to defining the hip area and adding details like ruffles will also help detract from a bigger busts.


Oval Figures


Women with oval figures have big busts, a large midsection and narrow hips and shoulders. The secret to working with this figure is to make the hips and bust look proportional so the waistline looks narrower. Features like asymmetrical necklines, ruffles, belts, peplum details and patterns that mimic a curvy silhouette will provide more of an hourglass appearance. You can also bring focus to the top and use ruching details to give the illusion of a cinched waist.



These swimsuits can all be life savers when it comes to making you look great this summer. Which of do you think will work best with your figure?


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