How to Pull off the Mix Matched Earring Trend

Vintage styles are coming back and the mix matched earring trend is riding that ‘don’t call it a comeback’ train. Once big in the 80’s fashion icons are bringing the fun appeal into the modern era with looks that are making bigger statements than ever before.

If you love the fun mix matched look but are not sure which earring will go with which, this article has tips that will help you find the best pairs.

Like With Like

One way to find mix matched pairs is to go with earrings that have similar characteristics. For instance, you may have two pairs of earrings with similar beads and shapes that are both the same type of earring but have differences in color and design. This will give an initial appearance of symmetry, but people will get a jolt when they realize how different the pieces actually are.

Here’s an example of two dangling earrings with similar features that will make a great pair.

Another way to pair like with like is to go with earrings that have similar themes but are completely different shapes and sizes. Here are some sunflower earrings that foot the bill.

You can also combine earrings with similar elements that are completely different in every other way. Here’s an example on how you can integrate the tassel style to make for an asymmetrical look.

Here’s another example of how you can combine similar themes in a mix match look.

Now for Something Totally Different

While finding earrings with similar characteristics is a good way to create mix matched pairs, you can also try experimenting with pieces that are totally different and yet somehow work together. Here are some examples.

And while pairing a hoop with a stud may seem adventurous, here’s a way to get even more daring.

Now you are well prepared to find mixes and matches in your jewelry box. Which ones will you be combining for a standout look? 

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