How to Rock a Tie

How to Rock a Tie

Okay guys. I know most of you don’t like to wear a tie, but believe me when I say, throwing on any old tie that doesn’t match your clothing will only make things worse. Fortunately, when it comes to color-coordinating your tie with your suit, you have several options.

If you are not a tie guy who is forced to wear a tie, read on to find out about the latest looks and styles and how you can be sure you are looking dapper no matter where you go.

Matching Your Tie with Your Outfit


When it comes to matching your tie to your outfit, there are a wide variety of options available. Here are some you can choose from.

Match your Shirt: The monochrome look is one that just can’t go wrong. Finding a tie that matches your shirt will always provide a neat and slightly edgy appearance. However, it is important that your shades are as close as possible. Too much of a differentiation in shades can result in colors that clash or an appearance that you were going for something but didn’t quite make it.

Match Your Suit: Matching your suit is a great way to bring your look together. Though the style will be more classic, you don’t have to worry as much about getting an exact color match since the tie and suit will not be up against each other.

Working with Multiple Colors: If your tie or suit are multiple colors, matching can be challenging. The trick here is to avoid being overly loud, so if your suit already features a few colors, play it safe by choosing a monochrome tie that matches one of the colors of the suit.

If your tie has multiple colors, on the other hand, go with a suit that brings out one of the colors in the tie.

Tie Looks for 2020


Now that you know how to match your tie, let’s think about the tie styles that are ruling big in 2020.

When it comes to prints, just about anything goes. Everything from solids to conservative stripes and smaller prints to bold polka dots and florals are big this year.

Fabrics are also all over the map with wool to silks and even silk knit being shown. In generals, silks are best for summer and spring while wools are best for the fall and winter.

One look that does seem to be reigning supreme is the thicker tie. Although we have seen a resurgence of the skinny tie that reappeared briefly in recent years, I guess the 80’s called and said it wanted its look back. In 2020, we are seeing thicker ties that bring a sense of nostalgia from yesteryear.

And speaking of nostalgic looks, another style we can expect to see more of is the bow tie. Though the bow tie is not for every man, it makes for a dapper look that can make women swoon.

Add a Tie Clip


After putting on a tie, you may be reluctant to add any more accessories, but a tie clip will keep your tie in place so it is out of your way during your busy day.

Most tie clips are made of metal so they will match with just about anything. Add clips silver tones to blacks and grays and go for gold and bronze tones if you are wearing browns and tans.

Hopefully this article will help men find their tie looks. Which tie do you like to wear when you gotta wear a tie? 

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