How to Steal Jennifer Aniston’s Style

How to Steal Jennifer Aniston’s Style

There’s no doubt about it, Jennifer Aniston is a classic. She may be best known for her role as the sarcastic former cheerleader from Friends, but since then she has gone on to take on parts that are as diverse as she is.

So what gives Aniston staying power? Her great talent and timeless beauty are definitely a part of it, but her style sense plays a major part.


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If you want to steal Jennifer Aniston’s style, here are some pieces that will make you an icon in your own right.


A great foundation for a classic look is a terrific pair of jeans. Aniston frequently couples these with fitted T-Shirts and button fronts. She also adds scarves and jackets to give her look that extra something.For Aniston, it’s all about simplicity. This is part of what makes her staple looks endure throughout the years.




Button Front Shirts

Aniston often pairs jeans with a button front to produce an effortless look that is elegant and refined. The floral number above is a style we could definitely see her in.


This is the perfect example of a t-shirt Aniston might wear. Simple and sporty, it fits her style perfectly and it’s a great tribute to nature.


Aniston loves that rock n’ roll meets professional look that a blazer can provide. This plaid double breasted jacket is a perfect example of what she might have hanging in her closet.


The actress often completes her rugged looks with a pair of fashionable ankle boots. The neutral brown color and medium heel of the boots shown above capture her style perfectly.


When living in a hot climate like the one in Southern California, we do what we can to protect our eyes and skin from the sun. Aniston is no exception.

Often spotted in sunglasses, the actress tends to favor aviators, but she has also been seen walking around in Hollywood type big round glasses like the ones shown above. Though Aniston may prefer brown glasses to match her hair, these black ones work well for women with darker tresses.


When it comes to dresses, Aniston’s no-nonsense style continues to shine through. The star opts for figure flattering dresses that usually come just above the knee. The dress above is the perfect example of what she might wear for a summer lunch event.

Evening Gowns

When it comes to awards ceremonies and more formal events, Aniston is usually seen in gowns with a slit up the side to show off those great legs. Although she tends to favor black, this light pink gown will give you the same terrific style while adding a splash of color.

Now that you know how to cop Aniston’s style, what will you be adding to your wardrobe to get her classic look?


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